11 Side Effects Of Hating Human Interaction
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11 Side Effects Of Hating Human Interaction

The less conversing, the better.

11 Side Effects Of Hating Human Interaction

Small doses of human interaction are an obligation in my daily life. I like to get out and chat with my friends, peers and professors, but beyond that, the idea of small talk and other extended periods of unnecessary conversation and association with people is a pretty unwelcome concept to me. Particular things often irk me more than others. Here are 11 side effects of truly disliking mingling with society.

1. Sleeping a lot.

Nothing says "I'm trying to avoid the world today" like sleeping the day away.

2. Routinely ordering the same food to avoid confusion.

Confusion leads to excess conversation, and that is the last thing I want.

3. Cringing at unwarranted hugs.

High-fives preferred.

4. Saying “stop” instead of “bless you” when someone sneezes.

I try to remember my manners, but sneezes often happen abruptly, and I do not have enough time to collect a more polite response.

5. Ignoring calls from unknown numbers– any numbers really.

Unless you are my mom, sister or roommate, I am probably not going to answer. My friends know to warn me via text before calling. They also know I am not going to be the one to order food.

6. PDA is uncomfortable to think about.

I am trying to eat, not vomit. Please canoodle somewhere else.

7. Bringing headphones everywhere.

Even when my phone has died, I still put my headphones in to ward off pedestrians.

8. Apologizing immediately after colliding with someone.

The sooner I apologize, the quicker I can flee the scene.

9. A perfected awkward half-smile.

This is me trying not to be rude but also trying to avoid saying, "Hi."

10. Disliking classes with excessive participation.

I only have so much to say.

11. Wandering around a store rather than asking for help.

Sales people are always just too chatty.

I do my best to join the masses, but I do not see the need to socialize all the time. It takes a lot out of me, which is probably another reason why I sleep so much.

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