11 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic
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Student Life

11 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic

We got the degree, now what?

11 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic

Graduating college a big milestone for anyone, traditional or non-traditional. This strive and dedication to learning more about a certain field and beginning your journey on becoming an expert is no easy task. If you wish to celebrate the college graduate in your life, look at these gifts to help relieve them of some post-grad stress.

Pikachu graduation plush

I'm a bit biased for loving adorable stuffed animals and being a long time Pokemon fan, but this would give me so much serotonin.

Cookie butter

Nothing says quarantine like eating your feelings in an entire jar of cookie butter from Trader Joe's.

Professional clothing

Suits, dresses, etc, that stuff is expensive. After just getting an even more expensive piece of paper, the last thing I would want to spend my money on is clothing that I know I will need for interviews and such. Extra bonus if you tailor it to fit, being on the shorter side, I have to hem so many of my pants.


Even if you did land a job in this time, having rent paid for is still super nice and one less thing you would need to worry about.

An actual bed

I don't know about you, but my bed at home is from my childhood and I slept on a futon my entire time I was off campus. I would like a new bed to go with a hopefully new apartment, thank you very much.

How to -blank guide

During quarantine, you have a lot of free time. Maybe you'll learn a new skill or two, doesn't even have to help you be more professional, like learning how to crochet.

A new laptop

My laptop has lasted my entire undergraduate career. It's seen better days. The days are before I accidentally yeeted it out of my hands while trying to grab it out of my backpack. The back panel has to be pushed in every now and then and it gets suspiciously hot on my lap. Nothing wrong with the screen but I can try to lessen the amount of tabs I have though. Anyways besides my own personal laptop problems, a fresh laptop to enter the professional world, especially if you have less than proper stickers on it.


Stop smelling like you're 15 years old at Abercrombie & Fitch store, unless you get a job there/corporate.

Coffee maker

To help readjust to a normal 9-5 workday when you've been staying up until 4 am everyday. Plus just getting up at 8 am is rough and you'll need to kick start your day with some form of caffeine.

 Face masks and gloves

As people return to their life before quarantine and as more stores open up, just know that COVID-19 hasn't suddenly agreed to stop spreading. Wear a goddamn mask when you go outside

 A job(in my field)

I'm desperately applying to jobs every single hour of the day and it's all I can think about. Please just give me a job within my field that pays well before I have to start serving burgers again.

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