11 Feminist Instagrams You Should Be Following
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Politics and Activism

11 Feminist Instagrams You Should Be Following

Welcome to the age of social media activism.

11 Feminist Instagrams You Should Be Following

More and more recently, activists have been taking to social media to spread their messages. While Facebook has long been a tried-and-true platform for long, drawn-out political posts, Instagram has become more popular for short-form, low-commitment blurbs and information. In accordance with that trend, feminist Instagram accounts are springing up right and left; some are great, some are questionable, and of course, as with anything, some are just completely missing the point. To save you from the trouble of searching through the droves to find some quality content, here are some of my favorites:

1. Petra Collins (@petrafcollins)

If you aren't already following this wonderful feminist artist, you should check her out. Her photos are full of body-positivity and encouragement, making her an important presence on a platform that is so frequently overrun with artificiality She's done a lot of incredible work (which you can read about here), and her Instagram showcases her projects as well as works in progress.

2. StopSlut (@stopslutmovement)

StopSlut is "a movement to end slut shaming and transform rape culture." Their main project is "SLUT: The Play," written by Katie Cappello and the Arts Effect, an all-girl theater company based in New York. Their Instagram can keep you up to date on all the exciting things they're doing all over the country, including a recent performance at the United Nations to help end female genital mutilation.

3. Education in Feminism (@educationinfeminism)

Education in Feminism shares images and ideas from around the internet. Some are educational, as the name implies, some are funny, some are powerful -- really, there's something for everyone.

4. The Riot Grrrl Project (@theriotgrrrlproject)

The Riot Grrrl project posts riot grrrl-related images and news, featuring frequent posts relating to Bikini Kill and Kathleen Hanna, the original riot grrrl. They're also working on a collaborative book project, which you can read about here.

5. Women in Comics (@womenincomics)

This account, as the bio says, focuses on comics and intersectional feminism. They post images of women from comic books, cartoons, and graphic novels, as well as commentary on popular culture and current events, always offering intelligent and witty remarks on important feminist issues.

6. Delaney Smith (@trophywifedelaney)

Granted, this one may not seem "feminist" at first, but hear me out. "Trophy Wife Delaney" is a parody account that offers sly and satirical commentary on gender roles, class, and numerous other social issues. I'm a firm believer in using comedy to tackle big issues, and that's exactly what this account does.

7. Sandy (@sandythezine)

Sandy is an LA-based feminist zine which gathers contributions from its readers. The Instagram account posts news related to the zine, but also to all things feminist happening in the world. It's a great way to stay up to date with all the exciting, frustrating, and revolutionary things women are doing.

8. Feminist Tinder (@feminist_tinder)

Feminist Tinder collects submissions from women who have received rude, obscene, or misogynistic Tinder messages. In the caption, the owner of the account explains exactly why the message is problematic. This account can be pretty frustrating in that it's a constant reminder of all the misogynistic bullsh*t women encounter both online and in our daily lives, but it's also nice to see how many people are fighting against this status quo.

9. Planned Parenthood (@plannedparenthood)

Of course, no feminist Instagram list would be complete without Planned Parenthood. The organization's Instagram accounts posts updates, tutorials, important facts and myths about reproductive health, and fun PP-related images and products.

10. The Daily Feminist News (@thedailyfeministnews)

As its name suggests, this account posts feminism-related facts and news updates from around the world. It's very active, and is often the first place I see new information.

11.Coco (@misscocomasloco)

Coco's account is dedicated to educating people about feminism and intersectionality. She posts images she's seen and messages she's received, as well as facts and calls to action. Her blog, linked in her bio, is centered around her experience as a black woman, and is definitely worth checking out as well.

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