People have been dressing up as clowns lately and trying to scare people. Well if you are doing this or even debating doing this, here is 100 things you can do instead of scaring people.

    1. Go to bed

    2. Read a book

    3. Study

    4. Get a job

    5.Play a sport

    6. Order a pizza

    7. Do your homework

    8. Go to an art museum

    9. Start selling things on E-bay

    10. Scroll through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat

    11. Clean your room

    12. Hang out with your friends/family

    13. Watch a whole season of something on Netflix

    14. Go exercise

    15. Go shopping

    16. Play video games

    17. Watch funny cat videos

    18. Take selfies

    19. Design your own clothing line

    20. Draw pictures

    21. Adopt a pet from your local humane society

    22. Learn a foreign language

    23. Take yoga

    24. Go skydiving

    25. Christmas shopping

    26. Go snorkeling

    27. Meditate

    28. Talk all day in pig Latin

    29. Go to a party

    30. Make up a dance

    31. Start a blog/vlog

    32. Write a song

    33. Go grocery shopping

    34. Join a club

    35. Call your mom and dad

    36. Go to a concert

    37. Sell your clown costume on your new E-bay account

    38. Go to a sporting event

    39. Watch something on television

    40. Go for a run

    41. Make a Tumblr

    42. Go to a haunted house

    43. Volunteer

    44. Dye your hair

    45. Go to a restaurant and get some food

    46. Make a music video

    47. Join a sorority or fraternity

    48. Go swimming

    49. Play Pokemon Go

    50. Go to the zoo

    51. Play a card game

    52. Learn how to cook

    53. Go to a corn maze

    54. Skateboard

    55. Make a bucket list

    56. Go to a park

    57. Play Frisbee

    58. Skateboard

    59. Get ice cream

    60. Decide what you want to do with your life

    61. Ride in an Uber

    62. Learn about a new religion

    63. Make a website

    64. Protest something

    65. Go somewhere new

    66. Join Odyssey!

    67. Go to the Apple Store

    68. While you’re at it buy a new phone, you deserve it if you’re no longer scaring anybody!

    69. Buy a cook book and bake every recipe

    70. Schedule the rest of your day

    71. Schedule the rest of your week

    72. Or even schedule the rest of your month

    73. While you’re at it, schedule the rest of the year!

    74. Make Halloween plans

    75. Decide what you’re going to be for Halloween (Not a clown!!!)

    76. Schedule your next Doctors/Dentist/Orthodontist/Eye appointment

    77. Then go to it

    78. Go to Disney World

    79. Plan a cruise

    80. Paint your nails

    81. Play a board game or a card game

    82. Go fishing

    83. Film your own reality show

    84. Become a black belt in karate

    85. Research something you find interesting

    86. Go on a date

    87. Go on a hike

    88. Join an intramural team

    89. Create a band

    90. Pick fruit

    91. Travel the world

    92. Take a free class

    93. Create your own shoe line

    94. Make somebody's day by giving them a compliment

    95. Take a bubble bath

    96. Play a funny (not scary!!!) prank on someone

    97. Buy something broken, fix it and sell it for profit on your Ebay

    98. Learn about a different culture

    99. Buy a coloring book and color every single page

    100. Make your own list on what to do instead of dressing as a clown!