10 More WTF Am I Doing With My Life Dating Sims

10 More WTF Am I Doing With My Life Dating Sims

Have you ever wanted to date a famous person, anime girls, a printer, a video game character, or animals? Click for these dating sims and much more

For those who don't know, dating sims are relationship simulation games. Generally, your objective is to talk to a character so that you can get to know them, romance them and eventually date them. There is also normally multiple characters to pick from, attraction/love meters, and time limits such as ___ amount of days/weeks to get a date. Some dating sims even have a money/job system so that you can give your dates gifts. Traditionally the setting for many of these games are high school but some take on a more fantasy focus and over time, these games have branched out quite a bit. There is quite a lot of imagination put in some of these games. So much imagination in fact that the game may take place in an alternate world or don't even have humans as the one you are trying to romance. The dating sim might have aliens, vampires, werewolves, animals, food, objects, or other options instead of humans. Heck, you might not even be a human main character either.

Anyways if you would like some unique dating sims to play, you have come to the right place.

1. Danny Devito Dating Sim

Daddy Devito Dating sim is a comedy dating sim in which you date Danny Devito. At a WWE match you can meet Trash man Danny who wants to suck dick. At the Park Danny needs your help because he is stuck in the play equipment. Theres not much more I can say about this game.

Daddy Devito Dating Sim

2. Yeti Dating Sim

In Yeti Scent you are a yeti looking for a mate. By smell you can find yourself another yeti to love. To romance her you can hunt animals to give her food, kill humans, and defeat the skeleton king

Yeti Scent

3. Aquatic Dating Sim

Benthic Love is an angler fish dating sim where you explore the bottom of the Ocean for a Mate. There are 5 different ending you can get. Also this game claims to be LGBT friendly and will teach you facts about the ocean along the way.

Benthic Love

4. Gun Dating Sim?

Gat Life: Boyfriend Bar is a strange gay dating sim where the men have guns for heads and mechanical dicks. There is three "people" that you can choose from.

Gat Life: Boyfriend Bar

5. Head In A Plant Pot Dating Sim

The Gods have decided that Earth will be destroyed because true love no longer exists. Evian, Goddess of love, wants to prove them wrong so she goes to Earth find love. However, the gods have made her leave here body behind so now she is just a head in a plant pot. While most of these are computer games, you will need a Playstation 2 to play this game as well as track down a "Tomak Save The Earth Love Story" disk.

6. Teen Boy & Giant Cricket Dating Sim...

In Lets Be In Love With Creatures, your goal is to win the heart of your human sized female cricket class mate. The game's site says that the game is fully voiced and has swimsuit scenes along with "sex appeal". Incase its not obvious, this game is very Japanese.

Lets Be In Love With Creatures

7. Pinter Dating sim

Japanese printer company, Brother international, released a dating sim in which you can romance one of their printers. While at high school, there is a new student who happens to be a printer and he likes to play sports. The game is in Japanese but a lot of browsers should be able to translate for you. However If you are translating the game, expect some bad translations.

Love You! Brother

8. Gender Bent Historical Figures

Do you like anime, girls dressed in revealing outfits, battle strategy games, and dating sims?!

Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest is a gender bent anime/war game in which important figures in history are now female instead of male. In this game, the nations are all at war. Britannia wants to unite the world through friendship. The European Union also want the war to stop. Vinland, however benefits from the wars and the Eastern Island nation of Zipang can't seem to stay out of trouble. While this war rages on, a memoryless hero and hero Himiko of Yamatai meet and try to unite Zipang.

There is turn based battles, 120+ places to conquer, 70+ other characters to quest with, and dating sim elements. A few of these gender bent historical characters are; King Arthur and the knights, Rasputin, king Tut, Vlad the impaler, Billy the Kid, Christopher Columbus, Napoleon, Beethoven, Caesar, and Da Vinci.

There is a two different versions of this game. The original computer game is more adult oriented while the playstation 3 version has been cleaned up a bit. If you want anime porn, go for the computer game and if you want a lot of story along with dating sim options, then the playstation 3 version is for you. Make no mistake, the playstation 3 version has an M rating for blood, strong language, partial nudity, drug references, alcohol use, and sexual content but when compared to the original version, it has still been cleaned up quite a bit. However, the watered downness of the game won't be obvious to any people who haven't played the original. If you would like to play the original version, the computer game is in Japanese. There is a few patches to play the computer game in english, but the sex scenes are either not properly translated or not translated at all according to many people who have tried them.

There is also a sequel called Eiyuu Senki: Gold. But its only available as a computer game in Japanese. Much like the first one, there are some English patches for the game floating around the internet.

9. The Dating Sim That Actually Gives You A Massage

Mr Massagy is a game about a muscular Slender Man looking guy named Johnny who uses dating apps like Tinder and Grinder on his phone. You can swipe through people to pick a date. At the date, the game plays like a normally dating sim. Pick the right options and you will have a good date. After a good date, your ate will reward you with a massage via the vibrations of your controller. When your controller starts to vibrate, hold it to a play where you would like a massage.

Sounds normal enough right? Well your possible dates are; an anime body pillow, an space alien, a werewolf, a literal cow who might not even know that they are a cow, a online dater who is trying to catfish you, a ghost and one human. However there is DLC for this game, so you can add in other people to date and even new mini games to add in to Mr Massagy for new experiences to play though in the game.

Mr Massagy

10. Hello Neighbor Dating Sim

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game in which you move to a new neighborhood and break into your neighbor's house to either uncover some secrets and/or possibly save some people. However, he is a fast and sneaky man so it will be no easy task. The neighbor loves to set up bear traps around his house to trap you, throw glue at you to slow you down, and conner you in rooms, so that he can get you. The neighbor is programed to learn from what you do, so the longer you play in the game and the farther you get, the neighbor will get tougher to avoid. The game is still being made so not many people know the true story yet and what we do know is from playable demos.

However, either from it being a fun game or from youtubers and twitch streamers playing it on their channels, this game has become pretty popular over the past year. And because of its popularity, many knock off games and fan made games can be found around the internet. Surprisingly, one of these fan made games is a dating sim.

In the Hello Neighbor dating sim, you move into a new neighbor hood and break into the neighbor's house. Much like the normal game, you see a door that is both locked and boarded over so you collect a key and crowbar to get into the door for some reason. The neighbor finds you and instead of attacking you, if you answer a question correctly we will not only let you go but he will date you. There are three places that you can choose to go to for the first date; graveyard, cafe to get coffee, and going out for a romantic dinner. Depending on how the date goes, you will live a happy life with the neighbor but make one mistake and you will deal with the consequences. There is also two bonus endings which involve Shia Labeouf, John Cena, and Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town.

Say Hello To Neighbor Dating Sim

Cover Image Credit: Playstation.com

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Fiction On Odyssey: A Glitch In The System

Everything is completely perfect, as long as you stay connected.

A snow white group surrounded a complex system of computer monitors, their faces twisted by disbelief. The utopia that they had helped to create was crumbling right before their eyes. They simply watched as line after line of complex code was cracked, each crack damaging the delicate balance that they had struggled to achieve. One of the youngest programmers, and one of the newest dared to raise his voice. “What do we do Warren?”

An older man, in the same snow white lab coat stood from where he sat staring at the screens, and deliberately walked over to the young man, his shiny black shoes clicking as he walked across the linoleum floor. “We fight it you moron. What else?” Warren said as he spit into the young man’s face, somehow missing his glasses and getting him right in his pale, grey eyes. “Now leave the questions to your superiors James and get back to work!” the older man shouted as he pushed James’ head back to where it should be focused.

As Warren walked away he wondered how this could happen. He was one of the original programmers, one of the few beings that knew what was going on with the world. He had been trusted to see that nobody would be able to break the code that had brainwashed all but a select few, and for nearly forty years, there had never been an incident where a hacker appeared. Everyone was safely in their homes, stuck in front of computer screens, believing that the reality presented in front of them was the reality that was true. They could live out their wildest fantasies in the dreamscape they went to in the computers; their brains were wired to fit perfectly within the system. Why would anyone want to leave it?

Warren struggled to figure out the answer to that. He sat back down at his desk and placed his head in his hands, almost in defeat. If this hacker got though, it would cost quite a bit more than his job. The older man shuddered at the thought, but the screen in front of him just seemed so daunting. Row after row, code was disappearing, and his small team remained incapable of doing much of anything against the hacker. The lead programmer knew that he had to do something to save himself. But what? There was no magic button on his transparent keyboard and the wiring in his underlings prevented him from throwing them into the false reality everyone else was in. He was in this on his own.

A blue flash caught Warren’s attention and brought him back to the reality that was in front of him. “Finally,” he said in a low voice as his fingers quickly fumbled from his head to his keyboard. A program that he had installed in case a hacker ever did show up had finally done its job. It would let him know exactly where the damage was being done. He opened it up to find that the hacker was working on deleting a person. A sixteen year old girl named Michelle Wood. Either she was the hacker, or she knew the hacker. However, Warren knew that this particular bit of information could not be ignored. It was a vital clue. As vital as the fluorescent lights overhead were when it came to walking around without tripping over careless co-workers or foolishly placed wires.

The head programmer left his cubicle and stormed past the main cluster of screens. This was nothing that needed the attention of inexperienced programmers such as James. They would only question him, and Warren had no time for questions. He needed to alert security, and the thin sticks he worked with would only be able to detain someone who actually felt as though they had to answer all of their questions or think about everything that they had to offer. Deep down in his gut, Warren had a feeling that force would be needed for the teenage girl and whoever her accomplices were, if she had any. He pushed open a thick, metal door and continued through to a blank hallway. There was nothing in the hallway. No windows, no decorations, and no people. It seemed sterile, to a point. Dust particles could still be seen dancing in the dim light.

Turning into a hallway where a windowed door stood, Warren took a breath. He hated coming down here. The people were always so rude, so pushy. And they smelt terrible. But he needed to do his job, and that meant finding Michelle Wood, and using whatever means necessary to do so. Sadly, that meant that he had to face the red haired, pointy-nosed woman sitting at the desk behind the door. The programmer collected himself as he pushed open the door.

“What do you want?” she said in a nasally voice, emphasizing the word you as she glared at Warren. She sounded as though she had about a billion other things she could be doing instead of speaking with him. “Did you lose some piece of equipment that you want us to find?”

The man sighed. “If you must know Megan, we have ourselves a hacker, and she needs to be apprehended before this goes too far,” Warren said, his voice barely wavering from a flat, uninterested tone. If he used emotion, he knew that she would win.

“You want me to send in the metadroids?” the woman asked as she gained a new sense of sincerity. Even if the people who worked in the security department were a bit cruder than everyone else, they still knew what was a serious risk and what wasn’t.

Warren grinned. “Whatever it takes.”

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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3 Reasons Fornite Is The Game Pulling Us Away From Our Lives And Loved Ones

I have become a Fortnite addict and, I am not very proud of it.

On July 25th, 2017, we didn't realize it, but the world was about to change forever.

OK, maybe not that dramatic, but on that same date, Epic Games released Fortnite. Though Fortnite did not really catch steam until last fall, it has become a top game around the world, and it doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon. Fortnite is estimated to have around 3.4 million concurrent players, meaning that's how many people play regularly.

On top of that, their Twitter page alone has about 1.6 million followers, tracking every update, problem or news Fortnite may have on any given day.

Personally, I wasn't hooked immediately. I have never been a big gamer type, and especially not a shooting game type of person. I prefer sports games at that, and, even then, I would rather spend my time doing productive things.

However (and that is a big however), Fortnite has managed to pull me in, as it has so many of its players, and has convinced me to play for hours on end. No, I don't think it's a good thing, and I'm definitely not proud of it, but I have my own personal theory as to why it's so addicting.

1. Fortnite has a style that different than any other game visually

It almost seems like they try not to make their players look real, to avoid all the blood and gore that other shooter games have. Instead of having to see blood each time you eliminate a player, you see numbers come out of their side, indicating their decreasing health. Then, when they die, it isn't a traumatic scene, rather, a drone looking thing comes and poof, they disappear.

2. Fortnite draws you in with a weekly update that often features new content being added to the game

Whether it's a new gun, a new challenge or a new "skin," Fortnite is always up to something. They actively keep players glued to their screens, waiting for what's about to come out next, and, in turn, this is a big reason why they keep bringing players back.

3. People will do anything to see "#1 Victory Royale!" on their screen

Speaking from experience, until you see it for the first time, you can't really say that your life is complete. It's a rush to be one of the last people in the game surviving, more so the last person standing. From the 99 people who started, it's a rather big accomplishment to make it to the end of the round.

For these reasons, I have become a Fortnite addict and, as I have said, I am not very proud of it. I also do not have plans on quitting playing altogether anytime soon. Until then, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Cover Image Credit: flickr

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