10 Ways You Can Do More
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10 Ways You Can Do More

Even in the simplest ways

10 Ways You Can Do More
Food Bank of America

Typically, everyone loves to help out. Even if they think they don't want to, they do. There is something so incredibly rewarding in helping others. Even if it is the smallest ounce of help, doing more for someone who may not be able to do it for themselves is an incredible way to give back.

Many people get that lump in their throat. That fire in their heart. those sleepless nights. The pounding in their chest. Each one, telling them that they need to do more. Telling them not to be content with what they are doing. Telling them to help as much as they can.

The world doesn't become a better place on its own. It becomes a better place through people wanting to help others. Through people WANTING TO DO MORE. Not for credit, not for bragging rights, and not for their own satisfaction, but because it is something they feel that they need to do.

If you're one of these people that tends to get a lump in their throat, has sleepless nights, or those who aren't content with what they are doing, here is a list of 15 ways YOU can do more.

1- BUY LOCAl. This one is simple, yet so overlooked. It is so easy to head to Walmart and buy everything you need. However, you support families, homes, and locals by shopping local. You can get literally everything you need locally (depending on your area). Clothing boutiques, farmers markets, antique shops, etc. Just google local businesses near you & see what you find! You'd make someone have a better life just by your small acting of buying local.

2- PAY A CHILD'S LUNCH BILL. Call a local school & ask for an overdue lunch bill, & pay it, or a portion of it. Many children (and parents) have many more pressing items require payment immediately, and by your small act of kindness, a child or parent will not have to stress about a lunch bill. A child can then can eat lunch, STRESS FREE!

3- ADOPT A "GRANDFRIEND". Write go to a local nursing home and ask for a resident that doesn't tend to get many visitors. Write them letters, call them, and visit them often. This would mean the world to them and only would take an hour (at most) out of your day. Lets be honest- you easily spend an hour looking at your phone, so instead, make that hour count! This is one of my favorite ways to give back.

4- MAKE "I CARE KITS". This is super easy too & is super helpful! Many cities tend to have displaced people that ask for food, money, or work at red-lights, stop signs, or street corners. An "I Care Kit" is an easy way to help someone and know that the items in the kit will be used, verses money being spent on useless items. Go to your local Dollar Store & buy a few combs, granola bars, water, hygiene products, tooth paste, floss, and tooth brushes. Place them in a large zip lock bag & keep a little bucket with these bags in your car. That way when you see a person in need, you can easily hand them an "I Care Kit". I personally write little notes of encouragement in my I Care Kits. I feel this may lift their spirits even more!

5- CHOW DRIVE. Publicize on social media, within the community, and at shelters for the community to donate food and toys. Collect donations an then take them to a local shelter for the animals! The shelter will be forever grateful, & so will the animals!

6- HELP A NEIGHBOR. If you live in a neighborhood, or near one, find the most overgrown yard, or maybe even the elderly neighbor who needs help with the yard, and offer your time and ability. Go over to their home and weed the yard, cut the grass, rake, or even blow off the porch. Every little bit counts.

7- LET THEM CUT. When you're in the checkout line with a frazzled mom behind you and crying kids, let them cut you. Its such a small act of kindness that will allow that mom to slow down and see the goodness in the day.

8- PAY IT FORWARD. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! When in the drive thru, ask to pay the person's bill that is behind you. This may be the perfect timing for that person who is struggling to count pennies for their cup of coffee that morning- you never know!

9- ENCOURAGE OFFICIALS. In today's time, many local officials struggle. They have lots of negativity targeting them. Take time to write a letter to local elected officials encouraging them for making good decisions for the community. Thank them for what they do. Its the little things that keep these officials going and striving to make the best decisions possible.

10- GIVE THEM DINNER. Or simply leftovers if a full meal isn't possible. Cook dinner and take a portion, all of it, or just leftovers to an elderly neighbor. You never know if they are able to cook a meal themselves or not. This shows hospitality & love. Personally, I love baking pumpkin bread in the fall for my neighbors. I usually take loaves to the older folks & the neighbors who I often see delivery cars in the driveway. Home cooked (or baked) goods are always a welcomed and appreciated thought!

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