10 Ways To Avoid Writing Your Paper
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10 Ways To Avoid Writing Your Paper

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10 Ways To Avoid Writing Your Paper

It's late at night and you've got a six page paper due in the morning. You're staring aimlessly at your laptop on the desk in front of you, trying to formulate words that actually make sense.

But something's holding you back. There's a desire to to absolutely ANYTHING except for write this paper. So here's a list of fun alternatives to writing for hours on end.

1. Surf the Internet.

Go on Facebook. Watch Buzfeed Tasty videos for five hours. Stalk your own tweets back to 2011 when you didn't know the difference between "your" and "you're". Reactivate your Neopets account and feed your pet that hasn't had anything to eat since 2005, yet somehow is still alive. Your paper can wait.

2. Order RedBubble stickers to trick out your laptop.

Maybe you have the coolest desktop background ever, but you can really learn a lot about a person based on the stickers on their laptop. RedBubble has thousands upon thousands of different kinds of stickers for you to choose from, and their stickers are usually only a dollar each!

3. Take a nap.

People don't give college students enough credit. You wake up at 9am, go to four-five classes every day, eat gross food at the dining hall, participate in extracurriculars, and somehow you manage to stay out past 3am at least four nights a week. This process is very exhausting, and you deserve to reward yourself.

4. Make a "finsta" account.

We all know what Instagram is, but do you know that a lot of people are starting to make their own second, more personal accounts? It's called the "finsta" which comes from "fake insta". You basically make it private and only let close friends follow it so they can see what true shenanigans you're really up to. No filters needed, the uglier the better. You can even make a false identity for yourself and have even more fun with it. All I know is you aren't going to be writing that paper anytime soon.

5. Learn all the words to "Monster" by Kanye West.

The true test of any rap fan is if you can spit out all three verses to this staple song in rap music. With a collaboration of Kanye, Jay-Z, Nicki, Rick Ross, and even Bon Iver (I know, crazy right?), this song is a must-know if you want to impress all your friends at the next party you go to. Maybe you can even draw inspiration for your paper from some of Nicki Minaj's wild rhymes.

6. Order a pizza and put in a special request.

Get your favorite toppings of course (don't worry about the guilt you'll have an hour later). But then make things interesting by requesting for the delivery guy to write you a poem on the inside of the box, or have them make your pizza into the shape of a llama. And if they don't do it, make them write your paper for you.

7. Make an Acapella video, or two, or seven.

A recent hit in the App Store is Acapella, an app that lets you combine a collage of videos so you can harmonize with yourself, beatbox in the background of your singing, and recreate your favorite songs with your own voice. Even if you aren't the most talented singer, this app gets addicting VERY QUICKLY and you'll probably forget you even had a paper to write.

8. Master the "Bet You Can't Do It Like Me" challenge.

It's a dance that's rapidly becoming known by everyone, and if they play it at the next party you go to, you might be the only one who doesn't know it. Or maybe, you could be the ONLY one who knows it and look like a boss in front of all your friends when you hit the whip like they've never seen before.

9. Make a Spotify playlist called "College Dropout".

It doesn't matter what kind of music you put on it, you can put whatever you want to listen to in there. The whole point is that you're doing something more fun than your school obligations. Also giving it the title "College Dropout" could motivate you to do better in your classes so that you don't ACTUALLY drop out, well at least after tonight.

10. Go on an adventure around campus with your friends.

College campuses at night have a totally different atmosphere than they do during the day, and it's really cool to see. Go out on the quad with a blanket and look up at the stars, or play manhunt with a bigger group of friends across the whole campus. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Well, except for getting that paper written of course.

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