Unfortunately, procrastination is almost like a hobby to some of us, even a skill, especially for students who rather stare at a blank wall than learn about physics. Some of us have given in to procrastination so frequently that the phrase "I'll do it tomorrow" becomes our motto or catchphrase, but you're not alone.

Everyone procrastinates, maybe not as much as I do, but I'm sure it happens. Though everyone is unique in their own way, our techniques of procrastination is usually fairly similar. Here are some of the most popular I have discovered since beginning school.

Me after five hours of trying to write an essay.^

1. Eating even though you're not hungry at all

And since you're a broke college student, you probably just go back and forth from your refrigerator to your pantry, opening and closing them hoping you'll eventually find something good.

2. Constantly checking social media

Most of us are guilty to failing into endless cycle of checking Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Insta, and maybe even your 6th Myspace page.

3. Napping

^ How I sleep even though I have three exams, two papers and a quiz tomorrow.

4. Online shopping

How I look after shopping online for three hours, just to put everything in my shopping bag and buy nothing because I have $2.78 in my bank account.

5. Netflix and procrastinate

Actual footage of me binge-watching "Stranger Things" instead of studying for my History exam. I'm fixing to score an 11 on this exam. Sorry, I'm corny.

6. Watching old Vines

Realizing Vine is dead.

But it's OK, because they're still on Youtube for your procrastination needs.

7. Cleaning

I swear, the only time I ever get the urge to clean is when I should be studying, and then it's like I'm Niles from the Nanny all of a sudden.

8. Pinterest

Though this kind of falls under the social media category, I feel as if Pinterest should have its own category because of all the hours I have wasted on it. From its nearly impossible DIY ideas to its limitless categories of pinning, this app is the all-time procrastination center. But it is also amazing and I love it.

9. Panicking

When it hits you just HOW much information you have to study and your brain goes into full panic mode. I never related to Spongebob as much as I do now.

10. Doing anything at all that's not studying