10 Vegan Places In London To Try Out
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10 Vegan Places In London To Try Out

Because London has more vegan options than you think.

10 Vegan Places In London To Try Out

So, I have been studying abroad in London since September 2016 and since I've been keeping these articles somewhat vegan themed, I thought why not write an article about vegan places to go to in London. I know a lot of people choose to study abroad somewhere in Europe and then travel around, so chances are some of you will come to London. While you're here, why not try out some delicious vegan food? There are so many things to try and I only picked a few here that I have been to and liked or that I really want to go to. Here we go!

1. Temple of Seitan

Do you get the joke? Haha. If you're wondering what the hell seitan is, it is basically wheat gluten and it's a delicious meat alternative that has a tougher texture than tofu. Temple of Seitan just opened this January and the cues outside the shop have been incredibly long. Why? VEGAN FRIED CHICKEN. I REPEAT. VEGAN FRIED CHICKEN. Think being vegan is restrictive? Nope! You can have all the junk food you want (or choose to eat healthy, all up to you). How amazing is that? I have been waiting to go until the ques get shorter but I am sooo looking forward to this madness.

3. What a Pitta

A vegan classic here in London, these guys make vegan Döner Kebab! They are located in London's hipster called Shoreditch (definitely worth a visit). They just opened a permanent restaurant! Yay! Also, they use soya chunks for their meat replacement so those who cannot eat seitan (aka my gluten free buddies), are able to eat here!

3. Cookies and Scream

All vegan, all gluten-free delicious baked good located in the famous Camden market! This is actually one that I have been too and I have tried their brownies and oatmeal cookies, which are delicious! I got there 5 minutes after they officially opened, so they were still setting up and didn't offer everything that they usually do. They are famous for their ice cream cookie sandwiches and 'milk' shakes. Yum! I will have to go back some time! Good that it's one tube stop away from my uni haha.

4. Peanut Butter Bakery

So you think you'll never be able to buy a donut again once you go vegan? Think again with this incredible bakery and their mouth watering cookies! This one is for sure on my list of snacks to bring home to my family and their peanut butter donuts sound to die for!

5. Vegan Burgers by Mooshies London

Burgers are a vegan, but have you heard of a burger made out of jackfruit? It's a new trend within the vegan scene and this brand new burger bar has them! They're supposed to be a similar consistency to pulled pork, so that is exactly what jackfruit is used for in vegan burgers!

6. The Coach & Horses

Basically, your typical British pub but with vegan food (and some vegetarian food). So if you want to try some British food while you're here, definitely go for their vegan fish and chips and make sure to put vinegar of your chips! (British food is kind of weird, but you should give it a try!)

7. Itadaki Zen

Fully vegan Japanese restaurant. Also fully organic by the way.

This one is a bit pricier but definitely a place you should try out.

8. The Loving Hut

Basically, this is a Buddhist restaurant that serves an abundance of classic Asian dishes with mock meat instead of actual meat (or at least what we think of as Asian dishes in the west). They are very cheaply priced and also have an all you can eat buffet for when you are really hungry but low on a budget. They even have vegan prawn dishes!

9. Nama Foods

If you fancy something healthy and completely raw, consider going to Nama! While they are on the pricier side and located at Primrose Hill (an area celebrities like to go to), their food looks absolutely amazing and might be good for a special occasion or if you have the money for it.

10. Ms Cupcake

No vegan restaurant list in London would be complete without this bakery! They have a ton of cupcakes and pies to offer and also a large variety of gluten free options!

And there you have it! Of course, there are more than 10 vegan restaurants in London and I encourage you to do some googling to find one that is right for you.

Now come visit me in London and eat vegan food with me!

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