10 Things Your Loved Ones From Heaven Teach You About Life
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10 Things Your Loved Ones From Heaven Teach You About Life

And one more, life goes on!

10 Things Your Loved Ones From Heaven Teach You About Life

Six years ago, I lost my mom to a battle of cancer that she was fighting for four years. While she toughened it out for as long as she could, her wings were eventually ready to fly. And my heart wasn't, so I couldn't tell which thought would give me a bigger ache: what was happening at the time or what never would be able to happen. Eventually, I figured out that the only way to keep going was to physically keep going. And so with that said, loss isn't easy for anyone, no matter who it is. The grief is permanent, and you learn to live with it. It's like a wave, and all you can do is swim.

  1. Don't be afraid to cry. Crying became a cleanse for me when I had rough days. It's how your heart speaks when you don't have words.
  2. Live your life fully. You can't change the length, but you can change the width and depth.
  3. Take pictures. I can't thank my mom enough for leaving me endless photo albums behind of every experience and milestone moment ranging from her teenage days, her wedding, to my awkward stages. It makes the memories sweeter.
  4. Tell people how you feel. Whether it's telling a friend how much they mean to you, or telling someone you love them. Don't wait. Timing is everything. You will never know what is in store for tomorrow.
  5. Believe in miracles. They happen everywhere. Have the eyes and ears for them.
  6. Time heals everything. Give time time to do its job too.
  7. Pick your battles. Know what fights are worth it whom whether its your friends or your family. If you refuse to sit that battle out, refer to #6 for later on.
  8. Appreciate the little things. They mean the most.
  9. Embrace everyone in your life. Whether you have met some of the worst or amazing people in your life, everyone teaches you something. Hold on to those valuable experiences.
  10. Love is forever. Time is sometimes cut short for our loved ones, and even though they are gone from sight, they are never gone from our hearts. In fact, they become your angels watching over you until you're with them one day. The connection is always there, you just have to have faith.
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