10 Things Your Best Friend Will Do For You That No One Else Will

10 Things Your Best Friend Will Do For You That No One Else Will

Where would you be right now without your best friend?


We all have at least one friend who we can count on for anything. I was lucky to have met my best friend in the first week of college. We are inseparable, and I don't know what I would do without her as my sidekick.

  1. Tells you when you’re being a complete asshole. We all tend to have those not-so-stellar moments when we purposefully do the wrong thing just because we have a tendency to thrill seek. When these potentially regretful moments occur, we can always count on our BFF to tell us what the view looks like from the other side.
  2. Reminds you to take off your makeup after a long night of partying. Let’s be honest here—when we come home from parties, all we want to do is jump into bed for the next twelve hours and only wake up to check and see if any hottie has recently texted. Our best friend, however, will gripe at us until we get the motivation to grab a makeup wipe.
  3. Cleans up the dorm for you. When you come home and your bed has magically been made just the way you like it, you know you have the greatest friend/roommate ever.
  4. Gives you her honest opinion about guys. If she hates a guy you like or vice versa, she is not afraid to tell you. Even when the truth hurts, the BFF knows best.
  5. Tells off someone who is being rude to you. Even if you both have been partying too hard, she will muster up the courage and composure to block out any hater who tries to bring you trouble.
  6. Lets you have your space for quiet relaxation and meditation. It’s the type of friendship where you don’t even have to be saying anything to each other, and it’s not a bit awkward. You both understand the importance of quiet time and study time.
  7. Accepts your oddities and quirks. You act strange, she acts strange. Honestly, who isn’t a bit strange at times?
  8. Laughs at things that only you usually find to be funny. That moment when you recall something hysterical from last weekend and nobody else cracks up except you two. That is genuine friendship.
  9. Share food with you (even if it’s her favorite). You can eat off of each other's plates without asking. Sharing is caring when it comes to you two.
  10. Be fair with you. You get to split the decisions 50/50. You rarely argue. Friendships, like any other type of relationship, only work if both sides are willing to compromise once in awhile. You might not always get to have it your way, but you have a fantastic friend by your side who will support you no matter what life throws at you.
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