1. “What’s the move?”

These words are the precursor to any weekend evening at Capital University. The struggle to find a party or gathering on campus begins in the early afternoon and stretches right until a house caves and throws a party that night.

2. “Is 801 having something?”

This house is hounded each weekend by people who are either coming to their house for a confirmed party or what they think is a confirmed party.

3. “What’s the house number?”

Since the sports teams generally change house numbers/living arrangements each year, saying baseball is having a party can be easily misunderstood. So after you arrive at the wrong house for a party, you’ll be asking around or texting your friends this question.

4. “It’s lit.”

If you’re having fun at a party or just in general at Capital, it will be without a doubt be labeled “lit.”

5. “We’ve got next for pong.”

You’ve got to call your place in line for pong at Cap, since the party that particular evening generally only has one table.

6. “Let’s go to OSU”

On Fridays, the campus typically travels to OSU in search of the “move" (or Insomnia Cookies).

7. “Who’s paying for the Uber?”

This question usually follows the previously listed saying. Trust me when I say that if you pay for the Uber that evening, you’re the real MVP.


If you chose to stay on campus during a weekend (or sometimes during the week), you’ll hear a chorus of “let’s go to the Zig” or “it’s Zig-thirty” around 12:30-1:00 a.m. For those of you that don’t know, the Leipzig Haus is the only bar in Capital’s vicinity and is frequented by it’s students.

9. “Can we walk to Taco Bell?”

Neighbor of the Zig, Taco Bell is the ultimate weekend food.

10. “Alright, let’s go back”

Better luck next weekend.