10 Things To Do Rather Than Hate Others Because Of The Election

10 Things To Do Rather Than Hate Others Because Of The Election

This election has really gotten the best of us, when we should be bringing out the best in others.


This is obviously not the best time in history for Americans. I don't care who you voted for. What I do care about is how we, as a country, are handling it. So instead of blaming each other for the stupidity of others' actions, (such as burning the American flag) why don't we take a look at what we can be doing instead?

1. Compliment a stranger.

Kind words can really impact someone's day and make them smile. Lord knows we need more smiles in America.

2. Pay for someone's coffee.

Whether you're in line for Starbucks, Dunkin, or a local coffee shop, an extra $5 toward someone else's order is simple and a great act of kindness.

3. Donate your old clothes.

Especially since the holidays are rolling around, go through your clothes. What you may not want anymore could be the best clothes to someone else.

4. Hold the door open for others.

We don't even think about it that much, but holding the door open for someone will more than likely put a smile on their face.

5. Write your friend a nice note.

Sometimes it's nice to see someone care about you and wish them good things in life.

6. Thank someone for helping you.

Whether it's big or small, say thank you! It's nice to recognize and appreciate others!

7. Bring treats to work, school, or team practice.

You can bake them, buy them, whatever your heart desires. It's just another small act of kindness

8. Treat your parents / friend / significant other to breakfast.

It gives you an opportunity to spend time together and get your days off to a good start (maybe try not to take them anywhere too expensive if they know you're paying, though).

9. Send a letter to troops overseas.

Once again, the holiday season is approaching, and for them to receive these letters from all of us back home truly warms their hearts and helps get them through this time of year without their families.

10. Acknowledge someone's hard work.

It's always a good thing to celebrate success, and it should be done more often. Acknowledging someone's hard work makes them feel like they're doing something right and motivates them even more.

Acts of kindness, big or small, go a long way. To be able to make someone you know or a complete stranger smile is such a heart-warming feeling You should never really expect anything out of it other than that feeling of happiness for doing something kind. Chances are that if you do one of these 10 acts of kindness than that person you did it to will think about it and do it to someone else. This is truly a pay it forward type of thing and it's crucial for Americans to bring these things back. This is how we stay united. This is how we continue to be great. This is how we will stand, together, for these next four years and help, love, and support one another, despite people's opinions.

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