10 Things That Happen When You're Are A Celtics Fan
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10 Things That Happen When You're Are A Celtics Fan

17 time world Champions

10 Things That Happen When You're Are A Celtics Fan

If you're a Celtics fan it's defiantly a way of life. After all they do have the most championships in the league. There is defiantly a lot of history for this ball club, from the days of the old Boston Garden to the signing of the Big 3, you can't help but get nostalgia.

1. You will forever be proud of your team having the most NBA Championships.

17 Championships is pretty remarkable.

2. Beat LA, will always be a thing.

Even though the Celtics Lakers rivalry isn't as bad as it was, you still don't want to see LA win.

3. Paul Pierce still is one of your favorite players.

You are still waiting on the day for him to sign that one day contract and retire as Celtic.

4. You love being in Boston.

The second you step into the city you feel the energy that comes with it.

5. Tommy Hension is a the man.

He's been calling games for years, even though he is just a little bias, who else would call the game like him? That's a Tommy point.

6.You own a ridiculous amount of Celtics jerseys, shirts, and memorabilia.

And you feel the need to buy more every time there's a sale or you go to a game.

7.You get excited every time you step foot in TD Garden.

Even though you have been to like 10 games, you still get excited. Sometimes you even get excited when your drive by.

8.You know what GINO time is and you think it's pretty great.

Missing KG.

9. You know Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Bill Russell, Reggie Lewis, Robert Parish, and Bob Cousy are legends.

All their number are hanging in the rafters.

10.Even when they aren't posting the best record, they will still be your team.

There are always bad seasons but your heart still belongs to Boston.

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