10 Mushy Gushsy Signs You Are Head Over Heels, Butterflies In Tummy, Totally In Love
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10 Mushy Gushsy Signs You Are Head Over Heels, Butterflies In Tummy, Totally In Love

1. You still get butterflies when you see them

10 Mushy Gushsy Signs You Are Head Over Heels, Butterflies In Tummy, Totally In Love
Aubrey Muratorri

1. You still get butterflies when you see them

Whenever you see them - no matter how long it's been - you still get butterflies in your stomach. Even if you've been together for a month or for a year, this feeling never goes away because every time you look at them, it's like falling in love all over again.

2. Planning a future

When you are falling in love, you start to picture a future with your significant other. You start thinking about if you guys are going to get married, have kids, and a big house. You picture this because most people are dating just for the hell of it, they are dating for their future, for a future with someone they care about. Once you start picturing your future together, you know you are falling in love.

3. They're the first person you want to tell news to

Good or bad news, this person is the first one you want to tell. When you are falling in love, your significant other becomes your best friend. The kind of best friend that you tell everything to - good or bad. This is the kind of relationship every one would want.

4. The world disappears when you look into their eyes

When you look into your significant other's eyes, it's like everything disappears. They become the only thing you see, even in a crowded room. It's just you and them and nothing could ever ruin it.

5. You re-read text messages

Whether they are good or bad, you can always find yourself re-reading old text messages you guys have sent. You think of how things could've gone differently in bad terms or if you are on good terms you appreciate the little things they sent.

6. Everything reminds you of them

Whenever you are just taking a walk or shopping around, you always find something that reminds them of you or you think they would like. They are on your mind 24/7 and it seems like you can't get them out of your head. Maybe they're supposed to be there.

7. You always talk about them

You always find yourself bringing them up. It could be the stupidest thing but maybe they did it and you bring them up anyway. Or they did something you find funny and want to share with your friends. Or maybe they just pissed you off and you need to vent about them. Good or bad you always find yourself talking about them.

8. You can talk about anything with them

You had a bad day at school or work and you just need to vent, they're your go-to person. Whether it's stupid drama or nothing serious but still upsets you, you just vent to them about anything and they're always there to listen.

9. You love being with them, even if you're doing nothing

Whether you both are watching Netflix together or he's playing Fortnite and you're watching Greys, spending time together is better than spending time apart. You still get to see them and nothing is better than seeing the person you love everyday.

10. They drive you crazy, but you love them anyway

I know Fortnite has become the thing that everyone plays, but it drives me nuts when all my boyfriend does is play 24/7. They may drive you crazy over little things that you wouldn't expect would annoy you but does. Hell, you may even annoy the crap out of them too, but even if you drive each other crazy, you love each other anyway.

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