13 Signs You Gladly Defy The 'Typical College Girl' Label
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13 Signs You Gladly Defy The 'Typical College Girl' Label

"OMG, you haven't had a PSL? You haven't LIVED!"

13 Signs You Gladly Defy The 'Typical College Girl' Label
Taylor Cro

There's two types of college girls in the world: the typical college girls and the not-so-typical college girls. Chances are if you're a typical college girl, you already know that. This article is to identify those of you who don't know where you fall.

1. You either: A) have never had a PSL or B) don't like PSLs

There is nothing wrong with not falling into the ever so popular trends of Starbucks drinks and there is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to.

2. Leggings aren't a staple in your wardrobe.

If you're anything like me, you would much rather wear ACTUAL JEANS than anything else.

3. You don't have monograms on... well, anything.

Sometimes less is more. Instead of cluttering things up with stickers and monograms, you like a sleek, more clean look on your belongings.

4. No matter what anyone says, you will never drink a Natty Light in your life.

Those things are disgusting and for those of you who drink them... HOW? Natty Light makes me want to barf even more than going to hard with the vodka.

5. Instead of partying, you'd much rather stay in and chill with some Netflix binging.

With all of the horror stories that I've heard from friends and one personal experience, I have no idea why people WANT to get drunk. It's not fun...?

6. You don't believe in the hookup culture.

Not everyone does, and let me repeat myself from number 1, that is perfectly okay! Your body, your choice.

7. You don't own anything Vineyard Vines, Duck, Hunter, or Michael Kors.

Why spend all that money when something similar is sitting at Wal-Mart or Target for 75% less? I will never understand.

8. You have no clue how to do makeup in the ~cool~ way.

What's contour? Highlighter? Never heard of them. All you need is some mascara and chapstick and you're ready to go.

9. You can't bring yourself to become a lampshader.

Lampshader: someone who wears oversized T-shirts with Nike shorts which you cannot see because the shirt is so oversized.

10. You don't have a VSCO , you hardly post on Instagram, and you only get on twitter to watch the Vine videos.

~RIP Vine~. I will never understand the hassle of VSCO. Never have and never will. P.S. Why tweet with 280 characters when "I don't care" is only 13?

11. Beyoncé is not the Queen.

Sure, she's great. Great voice, hair, family, life, but you just don't see the hype.

12. You aren't up-to-date on your music.

You've had the same playlist with minor variations for years. Why change it now?

13. You've never watched "Grey's Anatomy."

Not even a single episode. You feel as if you're not missing much. Trust me, you aren't.

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