10 Of The Most Emotional Movie Scenes, Ever.

10 Of The Most Emotional Movie Scenes, Ever.

Movies can make us emotional. Here are the ones that tug on my heart

We all have movies we love and there are certain movies that make us emotional. For me, some movies make me cry more than others. After watching many WatchMojo clips I have decided to do a similar take on WatchMojo. Here are 10 scenes from movies that make me emotional.

1. Rocky’s Motivational Speech "Rocky Balboa"

In this scene, an aging Rocky has decided to come out of retirement and have one last fight. His son tells him not to go through with the fight for his son’s sake claiming that people will make a joke out of his dad and also him. Rocky responds with an amazing speech for his son including the phrase “But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.” When listening to this clip over and over it makes me realize that while life has ups and downs it's about how we handle ourselves and show resiliency in response to these events.

2. Gotta Go My Own Way "High School Musical 2"

If you know me you know I have to include a "High School Musical" scene. Troy and Gabriella are having some trouble in their relationship with Troy getting a promotion and all his friends think that Troy is abandoning them. In this breakup song, we see Gabriella quit from the country club and end her relationship with Troy leaving us all heartbroken. It’s a song that gets you in the feels and who cant sing along to Zac Efron’s “What about us?” part.

3. Andy playing with his toys one last time "Toy Story 3"

Andy has grown up and is going to college. He has started to give away his old toys that we have come to know and love but before he leaves for college he plays with them one last time with the little girl he gave them to. The scene ends with Andy driving away and Woody saying “So long partner.” I actually watched "Toy Story" for the first time 6 years after it came out and I just broke down. With this final scene, it was a summary of my childhood ending because I knew I had grown up with these films.

4. Jenny’s Death "Forrest Gump"

While there are times I do not like Jenny as a character for how she abandons and reappears in his life, Forrest loved Jenny more than anything. This seemed to be the fairytale ending for Forrest only for him to lose the love of his life after they got married. Losing someone is very difficult but in the case of Forrest, he lost the one true love after the many years of chasing her through a rocky life.

5. Chris Gardner getting the job "Pursuit of Happiness"

Whenever we see a film based on a true story we take note of it and for me personally watching this movie shows the struggles that many people endure. Will Smith portrays a man who loses his wife, home, and hope. He becomes an intern for a stockbroker firm and on the last day of the internship the manager of the firm rewards Gardner with a job which helped lead to starting his own firm. To know that there is someone who struggled with homelessness and poverty to turn his life around and become successful is one of the most important lessons I get from this movie and shows how a work hard ethic can pay off.

6. Heath Ledger Singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You "Ten Things I Hate About You"

Raise your hand if you really miss Heath Ledger. In his first American film role, he stole the hearts of many with his rendition of Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” In an attempt to win over Kat (played by Julia Stiles) Heath Ledger takes over the intercom while Kat is at soccer practice and serenades her with the help of the school marching band. He wins her over and in the end, they become a couple. We miss you, Heath.

7. Mufasa dies in "The Lion King"

The first time we all remember experiencing sadness and death is probably from this movie. After a stampede caused by Scar and the Hyenas, Mufasa saves his son but can’t climb back up to safety. He is trampled by the stampede leaving us all crying and just like Simba asking why he won't get up.

8. Rudy’s Sack from "Rudy"

Another sports movie based on a true story. If there’s one thing I love besides High School Musical it's sports movies and this is a true underdog story. Daniel Ruettiger is undersized and struggles with dyslexia but always has the dream to play at Notre Dame. With hard work and a tutor, Rudy accomplishes that goal and gets to play in the last game of his senior year where he sacks the Georgia Tech quarterback. The film ends with the Fighting Irish carrying Rudy off the field, him being only one of two players in Notre Dame history to have that happen to them.

9. Final Performance "Pitch Perfect 2"

As many of the Bellas are set to graduate and move on from the university we have grown to love they come together for one last performance this time being international. They perform the original song written by Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld). While performing the song all the past Bellas join them including Aubrey and Emily Junk’s mom. Seeing this makes me think about graduating and the last time I’ll be with my friends but makes me think about how people close to me will take the opportunities I did as well.

10. Dom and Brian's last encounter "Furious 7"

In 2013 Paul Walker died in the middle of production for "Furious 7." Instead of killing off the character the director and producers decided to retire the character of Brian in this movie. Walker’s brothers helped to finish the scenes Paul couldn’t do and the film was realized in 2015. In the last few minutes when Dom is leaving Brian drives up and says “Hey thought you could leave without saying goodbye?” They then drive by each other with “See You Again” playing and Vin Diesel ends with “I used to say I live my life a quarter mile at a time and I think that's why we were brothers — because you did too. No matter where you are, whether it's a quarter mile away or halfway across the world, you'll always be with me. And you'll always be my brother.” Knowing this is how they would end Paul Walker’s character makes me tear up a little bit because it’s the end of an era and we now know Vin Diesel will always think of him and miss him just like the rest of us.

Movies are something I am very passionate about and being able to write an article like this is something I have enjoyed. These scenes do make me emotional but they also help me appreciate my life and the relationships I have created. Thank you WatchMojo for inspiring me after countless hours were spent of me watching your videos.

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