10 Reasons You're Not Truly Organized Unless You Own A Passion Planner
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10 Reasons You're Not Truly Organized Unless You Own A Passion Planner

It's so much more than a planner.

10 Reasons You're Not Truly Organized Unless You Own A Passion Planner
Ellen Tucker

Everyone strives to be more organized. We set reminders on our phones, use calendar apps, and buy a planner every school year. Yet, most of the time, they get thrown to the side and we become unorganized again. I've found a planner that works best for me and I know that others can benefit from a Passion Planner. Here's a few reasons why you should immediately order one:

1. Passion Planner is a Kickstarter company.

Founder and CEO Angelia Trinidad created the Passion Planner after feeling lost and overwhelmed post-college life. She felt as if she had accomplished everything as she was supposed to, yet still felt stuck. After a few years, she started a Kickstarter campaign for her planner. I can't thank Angelia enough for creating such an amazing tool.

2. It's not like other planners.

It is so much more than a planner. It's a place for your thoughts, to-do lists, doodles, dreams, and keepsakes. The possibilities are endless and everyone uses their planner in their own unique way. It all depends on your needs. For many, their Passion Planner becomes a journal or diary of their year.

3. It comes in two sizes.

Passion Planners come in two differing sizes. I personally have the classic size, which is 8.27 inches x 11.69 inches. That's about the size of an average piece of computer paper. I like having the extra space to plan out my week and doodle in the many margins. The other size is the compact size, which is 5.83 inches x 8.27 inches. Its a perfect size to keep in a purse or store in a small pocket of your backpack. Both sizes share the same features.

4. The layout is beautiful, minimal, and customizable.

The planner features both a Sunday and Monday option, so no one will be arguing about when the new week starts. Each weekly layout features weekly and daily focuses, as well as personal and work to-do lists. Passion Planner has free printable to-do lists, grocery lists, and water trackers that you can print out and paste in your planner to fit your needs.

5. The features are encouraging and positive.

Each weekly layout features a "Good Things That Happened" section where you can note positive events that occured that week. This can be anything from having lunch with friends to getting a good grade on a presentation. It helps you to remember the little things. There's also a "Space of Infinite Possibility" where you can add more lists, plan out a paper, or just doodle! Plus, there's a quote of the week!

6. It keeps you focused.

At the beginning of each Passion Planner is your "Passion Roadmap." This is a place to note your biggest goals for your year and helps you to keep on the track of chasing your passion. It also has annual and monthly reflection questions to get you thinking about how you're spending your time and how to improve.

7. Its eco-friendly.

The cover is a durable faux leather, which makes it animal and vegan friendly. Passion Planner has also created the Passion Planner Eco. For each planner sold, a tree will be planted. The eco planner is also made of 100% recyclable paper.

8. It comes in fun colors!

The colors that are offered rotate based on seasons, sponsors, and popularity. There's a new handful of colors each year! Of course, the planner is always offered in timeless black.

9. The website is full of resources.

Not sure if you'll like the planner? You can download and print off the weekly layouts for free to give it a try. The website also features helpful videos to give you ideas on how to use your planner.

10. It comes in academic, yearly, and undated options.

The Passion Planner is for everyone. College students, busy moms, business owners, and many others can benefit from using a planner like this. The different options lets you use the planner how you'd like. You can start using it in the middle of October with the undated option, instead of waiting until the new year.

While the Passion Planner may not be for everyone, it has features that has helped me accomplish a lot and stay on track in college. I'm the type of person that will buy a planner and only use it for two weeks. I've been using my planner for over two months now. If you want to chase your passions, get a planner that gets you there!

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