Does eating healthy really help your fitness? How can eating "clean" help you gain muscle? Why should you eat more to lose weight? How does all this make sense? You came here because for some reason, a reason you only know, you wanted to know why eating healthy and fitness seem to go together and why you need both. Well, it may seem like it doesn't, but for some reason, it makes sense for fitness gurus. However, not everyone is a fitness guru and just wants to know how/why for personal use. The real question to the answers is as easy as making Pb and J. Here are 8 reasons why eating healthy and working out go hand and hand.

1. The more you workout the more you need to eat

You thought eating less would make you lose weight while you're working out. Well, you're wrong. Your body needs its nutrients and food energy. 5-6 meals is essential to have a high metabolism if you want to gain/lose weight

2. If you workout and not eat healthy then you won't make any progress.

While a burger, fries, and a milkshake sound good after a workout...the work you did in the gym won't count because you ate junk food. Putting junk food in your body and working out won't give you any results you want to see. If you want abs and eat pizza, well there go your abs. If you want a firm butt and eat a whole tub of sweets, well there goes that and so on.

3. You'll feel better about yourself if you work out and eat healthier.

Ever heard of endorphins? The feel good hormones. Well, when you work out and eat healthier, your body will feel good and make you feel good and happier. You may even seem to be happier and have a higher self-esteem.

4. You need the good carbs, protein, and veggies to have a successful workout

Chicken, rice, broccoli, fish, almonds, asparagus, salmon, fruits, and etc...

5. Reduces depression/stress/anxiety

Are you feeling down lately? Well if you go workout, your body will be uplifted from the hormones and "running high". Also eating carrots rather than a bowl of ice cream will you feel a little better.

6. Resists temptation

The endorphin rush that is released is part of the neural pathway that is where addiction occurs, which fitness/eating healthier plays a role.

7. Helps with your period (if you're a girl)

Helps reduce PMS and cramps.

8. Chills you

After a long workout, you may feel calmer and less anxious. You may also feel ready for the day/night and may be in a better mood.

You don't have to live by each one, however, if you want to gain muscle or lose weight by going to do the gym, you need to make sure you are doing everything right in the kitchen.