10 Reasons Band Kids Are The Best Significant Others
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10 Reasons Band Kids Are The Best Significant Others

A list from a former band kid on why we're the absolute best.

10 Reasons Band Kids Are The Best Significant Others
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Let's be real, band kids typically get stereotyped as "nerdy."

When someone who isn't in band talks about band kids, it's usually about how nerdy or weird they think they are, but in reality this is far from true. Being a band kid, I can fully agree with this. I played flute for 6 years and did guard for 4, I was even the captain, so honestly, I'm the full definition of a band nerd. I fully embrace this though, because band kids are the best kids. Band kids don't get enough credit, so here's to you bandies!

Band kids are the best, and here's the top 10 reasons we make the best significant others:

1. They're hardly ever late.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F636129996155375985-1027034408_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=357&h=937d6c3e238aa380db0674b7ad1edb23f57e949224b7813a0f3bf53800ca8d1f&size=980x&c=329421476 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F636129996155375985-1027034408_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D357%26h%3D937d6c3e238aa380db0674b7ad1edb23f57e949224b7813a0f3bf53800ca8d1f%26size%3D980x%26c%3D329421476%22%7D" expand=1]

Being late in band is a sin. If you're late you're causing the whole band to suffer. Some directors even make you run a mile for every minute you're late. This teaches us the importance of being on time. Band kids are taught that 30 minutes early is on time, and on time is late. You have to have time to prepare your instrument, yourself, and even your section. This lesson stays with you through life, that's a promise. I graduated in 2014, and I'm still at least 30 minutes early to any place I go. This means we'll always be on time for dates or family gatherings.

2. We can easily rock shorts and a t-shirt just as well as a nice outfit.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F636129998560416591-827103822_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=660&h=02590ff25d2cd60ed901d89b7004e154f955c430cb6a984cb76aa9ff34cb4c8a&size=980x&c=456470932 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F636129998560416591-827103822_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D660%26h%3D02590ff25d2cd60ed901d89b7004e154f955c430cb6a984cb76aa9ff34cb4c8a%26size%3D980x%26c%3D456470932%22%7D" expand=1]

Band kids spend all their summers in shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. Its the only way to practice. It's a way of living to us. Though this is true, we can also turn on the charm in .02 seconds. Really, you would be shocked. Guard girls are the PERFECT example of this. One second we'll be in shorts and a tank top with sweat dripping down our faces and pretty much inhaling a taco to make sure we don't get hungry during the game, to a glitz up wonderful goddess in a matter of minutes. We master this in such a short time simply because time is limited in band. Dating a band kid means you get the best of both worlds. You lucky Hannah Montana you. ;)

3. Talk about calf muscles.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F6361299990710863401595704814_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=691&h=63205210b37c007c54a0522a88b89278364f25ea9ab6f0b5f3cfc00f7f1237ad&size=980x&c=3840196707 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F6361299990710863401595704814_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D691%26h%3D63205210b37c007c54a0522a88b89278364f25ea9ab6f0b5f3cfc00f7f1237ad%26size%3D980x%26c%3D3840196707%22%7D" expand=1]

Boy oh boy calf muscles. Band kids rock these within a few months of their freshman year, and trust me, they never go away. With all the marching, front and back, band kids get a great workout on their calves. Again, I told you we can rock some exercise shorts.

4. They understand the value of hard work.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F636129999628713919-95665469_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=912&h=2cb8424371171070c01d4d040caed177d8272b21fb5abad29644d2e362964eab&size=980x&c=435154899 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F636129999628713919-95665469_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D912%26h%3D2cb8424371171070c01d4d040caed177d8272b21fb5abad29644d2e362964eab%26size%3D980x%26c%3D435154899%22%7D" expand=1]Band kids know just how far hard work will take you. We work for months on end to perfect a show. There is no doubt we see hard work and appreciate it. We will never take your hard work for granted. It's just a given that we respect and think highly of it.

5. Their work ethic will shock you.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F6361300002187936801339456083_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=910&h=1fba58031cabfe71fa0044646e4517a8989febb807f5e3efe6528b230bc9646c&size=980x&c=1391317835 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F6361300002187936801339456083_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D910%26h%3D1fba58031cabfe71fa0044646e4517a8989febb807f5e3efe6528b230bc9646c%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1391317835%22%7D" expand=1]

I'm talking about months and months of hard work going into a show. Your typical band starts in at least July, though their show won't be preformed until September. That's at least two months of 5 day a week practices. Band kids never give up, and we won't give up on relationships. We work hard in every thing we do. This being said...

6. They'll push you.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F636130001769270786-1540437117_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=344&h=75f844c1cf499ddb4e1801ab4548967f2ecca33f75068ad66982fc01eb03a8e1&size=980x&c=1274815285 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F636130001769270786-1540437117_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D344%26h%3D75f844c1cf499ddb4e1801ab4548967f2ecca33f75068ad66982fc01eb03a8e1%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1274815285%22%7D" expand=1]

We see the potential in everyone and everything. We know that you can work harder and get better. We want you to do your best. Our instructors taught us to always give our best, so of course we want our significant others to too!

7. Their sense of humor is the best.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F636130001999376567-1904644251_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=751&h=0475057059d9389a072c59153a77f28803ff8236b12ba1ae31581639c38747e2&size=980x&c=515236473 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F636130001999376567-1904644251_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D751%26h%3D0475057059d9389a072c59153a77f28803ff8236b12ba1ae31581639c38747e2%26size%3D980x%26c%3D515236473%22%7D" expand=1]

Band kids have to be serious a lot, believe it or not. So when we get the chance to joke around, we take advantage of it. Band kids have the most amazing sense of humor, and by dating one, I promise you won't go a day without laughing. Also..

8. You'll never go a day bored.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F6361300023330336312115346075_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=276&h=0bf2e8e5abf47030ac768e01218249653515d081636abc797bd16e0e0e206984&size=980x&c=4143338179 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F6361300023330336312115346075_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D276%26h%3D0bf2e8e5abf47030ac768e01218249653515d081636abc797bd16e0e0e206984%26size%3D980x%26c%3D4143338179%22%7D" expand=1]

Band kids ALWAYS have something to do, and ALWAYS want to stay busy. Being in band in high school makes you stay busy, so this also stays with you, They'll constantly be sending you great music recommendations, or showing you their favorite band shows. I promise, you'll never get bored.

9. Band kids love with a love like no other.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F10%2F25%2F636130002672370803-1115524282_giphy.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=227&h=be1c0e3a2b647f47f8296cd488b15602ad2854357da8cdee3cadc347fcd36f13&size=980x&c=1305667488 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F10%252F25%252F636130002672370803-1115524282_giphy.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D227%26h%3Dbe1c0e3a2b647f47f8296cd488b15602ad2854357da8cdee3cadc347fcd36f13%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1305667488%22%7D" expand=1]

We grow up surrounded by people who become our family. Bands are more than just a group of people. We're a family. The people around you care for you, for your future, and for your well-being. When you're dating a band kid, you'll feel this love. Band kids love with all their hearts, because we know that by putting our hearts in something you'll never fail.

10. Band kids are the best listeners, I mean, it is part of band you know. ;)

Band kids literally grow up having to listen to commands on the field, notes in their music, and counts in their performance. It's part of being a bandie. Trust me, it's a useful skill. We'll always listen to you, because that's part of who we are.

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