10 Reasons Band Kids Are The Best Kids

10 Reasons Band Kids Are The Best Kids

From the field to the bleachers we are hands down the best form of entertainment.

Since 5th grade, I was always a band kid. I played the flute, piccolo and eventually became a majorette. However, no matter what part of the football field you are, if you were a band kid, you were (and are) probably one step ahead of the game compared to most other people.

1. Band Kids only strive for perfection

No band kid ever wants to hear their name, section, or school name get a lower score than a 1. If you don't know what I am talking about, at band competitions you get a rating on your performance from 1-4. 1 being superior, 2 being excellent, 3 being good, 4 being fair, and 5 being poor (aka just get off the field). Bands will extend practice past dinner time, start practice during school hours, and even practice on Saturdays just to get that superior scoring.

2. Band is all about discipline

This goes hand in hand with perfection. When I played the flute, we would do pencils tests. We would stick a pencil a little less than 3/4 of the way inside the end of our flute and go through marching sets over and over. Every time the pencil fell, you had to do 10 push-ups. Your flute always had to be parallel to the ground. When I was majorette captain, we did push-ups for ever time we dropped our batons too.

3. Academics are always higher

Playing an instrument, memorizing music, and learning 70 sets in two weeks is pretty demanding. Now try doing all three at the same time. The constant brainwork of a band kid always results in high test scores and higher GPAs.

4. Inside jokes

There is nothing like a 3 hour bus ride to create many inside jokes. Not only is this fun and memorable, but its super funny to reference them in class. I guess it's just a musician thing, but band kids are so hilarious.

5. Constant motivation

Not only is band a great support system for academics, but for your own musical talent. Whether its competitive chair placements or an All-State piece, band kids are always challenged and will always give their best effort.

6. Band becomes your family

Before school hours, during breaks from class, and after school, your second family tends to congregate, always enjoying each others company. Students in band always tend to gather to the band room, they are always around each other, and you build bonds that never break.

7. Your band director is your best friend

There is nothing more heartbreaking than your band director switching schools. I know in particular, two of my band directors were my best friends and I loved them so much. They motivate you, and give you some of the best advice.

8. Talent

Band kids are obviously talented. Even if they aren't the best musician in the country, they still exude skill and talent.

9. Halftime is a common ground

Despite focusing on your role in a halftime show, you also tend to focus on other people. After halftime, we accept bad shows, and celebrate good ones. We will complement each other and tell one another how great they did.

10. Determination

No matter what a band kid does, music related or not, it is always to the best of their ability. Band kids have the tendency to always put forth the most effort possible in everything that they do.

Cover Image Credit: Brianna Duncan

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I'm Still Friends With My High School Besties As A Senior In College, And I'm So Thankful For That

New friends are silver but the old ones are gold.


As you near the end of high school, it seems like everyone is telling you, "enjoy spending time with your friends now, because once you start college you'll drift apart." At the time, no one wants to believe it, but I will say there definitely is some truth in that. There were 800 people in my high school graduating class, but there's only a handful of those people who I've actually hung out with since our graduation parties. However, it's certainly not true about all friends. I'm now a senior in college, and I'm still friends with my high school best friends.

While things have definitely been different since we've been in college, our friendship hasn't changed. In high school we bonded over the French classes that we took together and our love for dance. Although we don't see each other every day in class anymore or after school at dance practice, that's only made me more appreciative of the time that we do get to spend all together. I always look forward to that time, whether it's spent going on adventures, laughing together at a coffee shop or even just sitting at home and watching a movie.

I've made a lot of amazing friends in college, but there's still something comforting about having friends who knew you as an awkward 14-year-old who you can turn to and reminisce about the past with. We may not talk to each other every day and we often go months without all three of us being together, but when we are together again we pick up right where we left off. No matter how far apart we are physically, I know they'll be there for me in an instant, whenever I need them (even if FaceTime is the best we can do).

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Caitlin and Andrea, thanks for sticking by my side for the past four years. Here's to all the memories we have yet to make together.

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