10 Reasons Band Kids Are The Best Kids

10 Reasons Band Kids Are The Best Kids

From the field to the bleachers we are hands down the best form of entertainment.

Since 5th grade, I was always a band kid. I played the flute, piccolo and eventually became a majorette. However, no matter what part of the football field you are, if you were a band kid, you were (and are) probably one step ahead of the game compared to most other people.

1. Band Kids only strive for perfection

No band kid ever wants to hear their name, section, or school name get a lower score than a 1. If you don't know what I am talking about, at band competitions you get a rating on your performance from 1-4. 1 being superior, 2 being excellent, 3 being good, 4 being fair, and 5 being poor (aka just get off the field). Bands will extend practice past dinner time, start practice during school hours, and even practice on Saturdays just to get that superior scoring.

2. Band is all about discipline

This goes hand in hand with perfection. When I played the flute, we would do pencils tests. We would stick a pencil a little less than 3/4 of the way inside the end of our flute and go through marching sets over and over. Every time the pencil fell, you had to do 10 push-ups. Your flute always had to be parallel to the ground. When I was majorette captain, we did push-ups for ever time we dropped our batons too.

3. Academics are always higher

Playing an instrument, memorizing music, and learning 70 sets in two weeks is pretty demanding. Now try doing all three at the same time. The constant brainwork of a band kid always results in high test scores and higher GPAs.

4. Inside jokes

There is nothing like a 3 hour bus ride to create many inside jokes. Not only is this fun and memorable, but its super funny to reference them in class. I guess it's just a musician thing, but band kids are so hilarious.

5. Constant motivation

Not only is band a great support system for academics, but for your own musical talent. Whether its competitive chair placements or an All-State piece, band kids are always challenged and will always give their best effort.

6. Band becomes your family

Before school hours, during breaks from class, and after school, your second family tends to congregate, always enjoying each others company. Students in band always tend to gather to the band room, they are always around each other, and you build bonds that never break.

7. Your band director is your best friend

There is nothing more heartbreaking than your band director switching schools. I know in particular, two of my band directors were my best friends and I loved them so much. They motivate you, and give you some of the best advice.

8. Talent

Band kids are obviously talented. Even if they aren't the best musician in the country, they still exude skill and talent.

9. Halftime is a common ground

Despite focusing on your role in a halftime show, you also tend to focus on other people. After halftime, we accept bad shows, and celebrate good ones. We will complement each other and tell one another how great they did.

10. Determination

No matter what a band kid does, music related or not, it is always to the best of their ability. Band kids have the tendency to always put forth the most effort possible in everything that they do.

Cover Image Credit: Brianna Duncan

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5. Ok, strike that.

6. Cinderella was so bad… she was eventually kicked off the baseball team for running away from the ball.

7. Which animal is best at baseball?... The bat!

8. The reason baseball games are at night is because bats sleep during the day!

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10. Which baseball player holds water?... The pitcher!

11. I think I glove you!

12. What did the baseball glove say to the ball?... “Catch ya later!”

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Well, there you have ‘em baseball fans… With these puns in your glove, you’re sure to be a big hit! Maybe you’ll score a home run!

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How High School Destroyed My Self Esteem

Where did the confidence go?


Not too long ago my parents recovered a collection of home videos from my childhood, and recently, myself and the rest of my family have been taking the time to watch them. It has been quite an experience watching footage of a baby me crawling across the carpet or taking my first steps, but the videos of myself that I find I am most interested in watching are the videos of me when I was a little older, around elementary school age.

As is demonstrated in the multitude of videos featuring me dancing around my kitchen and finding ridiculous ways to get the attention of the camera, I was an outgoing, funny, and lively young girl. I didn't shy away from being the center of attention and was something of a comedian when the camera was turned my way. However, the reason I found these videos so interesting to watch was not just because I found my younger self hilarious. Instead, I was fascinated by the smaller me's enormous personality, because it is such a deviation from the way I am now. This led me to wonder, where did that girl go?

High school is a difficult time for all who experience it. Students face pressure to do well in their classes and meet expectations so that they can get into a good college, which often results in massive amounts of stress and anxiety. However, there are other, social, factors that make high school feel like a battlefield, factors that I, personally, had a difficult time overcoming and still affect me to this day.

When I look back on my four years of high school I realize that I placed far too much importance on popularity and fitting in. I had a set group of friends throughout high school and our group could be considered decently popular, which, at the time, quelled my anxieties about being unliked or alone. Because of these anxieties, I was desperate to keep my friends, even it meant spending time with people I didn't like or didn't make me feel good about myself, and had to teach myself lessons like hiding my true self in order to fit in. This resulted in much unhappiness because many of the friends that I had chosen to be with weren't great at being friends. They were mean, selfish, and often tore me down instead of showing me the support an insecure teenager needed from her friends.

As a result of having mediocre friends, it was often hard to feel like I had a support system when it came to dealing with the problems every teenager faces. Insecurities and lack of understanding about my own body led to weight, which didn't help boost my confidence either. To add to this, my friends, who I believed to be skinnier and prettier than me would often express dislike for the way they looked, which led me to believe that I had no reason to be confident in myself.

This culture of insulting oneself also increased my insecurity, as it left me feeling like I wasn't permitted to have confidence in myself, and instead had to tear myself down whenever I got the chance. Reflecting these negative feelings about myself instead of promoting body positivity warped my mind and made me feel unable to like the skin I was living in. There was no one to tell me that I was allowed to let myself feel good, to look in the mirror and like the girl that looked back at me. Instead, I felt pressure to conform.

So, to answer the previously posed question of where the little girl in the home videos went, here's the answer:

She didn't disappear. She was simply torn down by too many people, especially herself.

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