10 Quirky Facts About Deceased Music Icon Prince
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10 Quirky Facts About Deceased Music Icon Prince

"The most important thing is to be true to yourself, but I also like danger."

10 Quirky Facts About Deceased Music Icon Prince

Legendary singer-songwriter and famous music genius Prince was pronounced dead on Thursday morning after he was found unresponsive in an elevator at his home and recording studio in Minnesota. This tragedy stunned the music world and fans took to social media to express their grief. Some quoted him saying "so this is what it sounds like when doves cry." Prince had a talent for producing music that spanned across a variety of genres-- pop, funk, R&B, and rock 'n roll. He not only produced amazing music, he led an incredibly interesting life. Here's why he was so iconic but also incredibly real and quirky.

1. He changed his name to a symbol.

Screw getting a tattoo for funzies, Prince legally changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol that meant something to him, but actually resembles a tattoo.

2. Some of his songs were featured in the movie "Happy Feet".

What's more awesome than having an amazing artist like Prince share his music with cute little animated penguins

3. He stood up for his values about his music royalty rights.

He fought to take his music offline. He wouldn't have his music put on Spotify and he didn't have his own channel on YouTube. He thought artists should be paid for their music. He also frowned upon other artists recording covers of his song because he believed, according to the National Music Express website, "art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what's already there."

4. He totally owned his ego and rocked his opinions.

Sometimes his opinions weren't super beneficial to his career, but nonetheless he had them. For example, Michael Jackson's song "Bad" was originally supposed to be a duet with him but he chose not to sing it because he didn't like the opening line - "your butt is mine." This song could have been one of the greatest pop duets ever but he just wouldn't give it a chance.

5. Even though he was born into a music family that obviously helped cater to his successful career, he was not always well-to-do.

Before he became famous, he was a struggling artist and when he was broke, he would sit outside the McDonalds by his house to smell the food.

6. He loved romance. A lot of his music was inspired by his love for women.

He once canceled a tour just so he could record an album to impress a crush of his. He also recorded a song for the "Batman" soundtrack because he had a crush on one of the stars.

7. He personally called and asked Zooey Deschanel if he could star on "New Girl" because he was a fan of the show.

8. He had a feminine alter-ego named Camille.

He recorded an entire album as this alter-ego but it was never released. The world wishes it would have been though.

9. The parental advisory sticker that gets put on albums was created because of him.

Some parents were listening to "Darling Niki" with their 11-year-old daughter with no idea what to expect from the brand new "Purple Rain" album. They were shocked to find out the song was so dirty. Parental Advisory stickers were later placed on his albums because of instances like this.

10. Prince performed at Geroge Lucas' wedding.

He literally knew everyone from Madonna to Michael Jackson to the king of the Star Wars universe. Does he get much cooler than that?

RIP Prince 1958-2016. Thank you for blessing us with your amazing talent, charisma, and legacy. You will be missed.

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