10 Problems girls with straight hair understand
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10 Problems girls with straight hair understand

Having straight hair isn't always what it seems to be

10 Problems girls with straight hair understand

We get it. We will never understand having to wake up early to straighten our hair, or to not be able to brush our hair, or have to put product in our hair to maintain it. But having naturally straight hair isn't always as amazing as it seems.

1. Not being able to curl our hair

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Whenever I curl my hair, it becomes straight again within an hour. No matter how much hairspray I put in it. Spending two hours on your hair just for it to be ruined in ten minutes is heart breaking

2. Messy buns are not simple

I've watched people with curly hair twist their hair, throw it in a bun, and have it stay on their head the entire day. When I try to do a messy bun, I need 20 bobby pins, 4 clips, and an hour to make it look presentable.

3. Lack of volume

Sometimes we get envious when we see all of these girls with beautiful voluminous curls, and we can't get our hair to get any volume at all

4. Getting told we're lucky

Every time we get asked if our hair is naturally straight, we get told we're lucky. But, we're not as lucky as you may think. Straight hair gets boring after a while.

5. Not being able to put accessories in your hair

Whenever I try to put a hair accessory in my hair, it ends up either falling out or not looking good.

6. The smell of your burnt hair after you try to curl it

When you attempt to curl your hair, and all you smell is your burnt hair along with your hopes and dreams. The smell doesn't go away until you've washed your hair like 4 times.

7. Braiding your hair just doesn't happen

You spend a half an hour trying to get the perfect braid, and a few hours later when you look in the mirror, it's all loose and constantly coming out of the hair tie.

8. All the hair spray you have to use

You literally have to use an ungodly ammount of hairspray if you want your hair to do literally anything besides hang down.

9. Updo hair bumps

When you watch your curly haired friends put their hair up with no problems, and you try only to find these awful bumps on top of your head that just wont go away.

10. When you take school photos only to find strands of your hair sticking out

There's nothing worse than thinking you took a great picture only to find that a whole section of your hair was sticking out the entire time.

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