10 Things You (Probably) Shouldn't Worry About At 20

10 Things You (Probably) Shouldn't Worry About At 20

You can plan for them, but stop worrying about them.

There are some things in life that you should be worrying about when you're 20, whether it's how you're going to pay this month's rent or if your roommate has been stealing some of the cookie dough you keep in the fridge. However, I've noticed that quite often my friends and I worry about things that although they should be considered and planned for, they're not worth the energy we spend on them at this exact moment.

1. How you're going to pay for your first mortgage

It's probably a far far ways away. You've got many apartments to worry about before you get to your first rented house, let alone own.

2. When you're going to get married

Good things come to those who wait, there's many fish in the sea, all of those sayings are sayings for a reason.

3. If your crush's last name goes with your first name

It's not middle school anymore and you're also not even dating so? Don't worry.

4. How you're going to retire by 60

Worry about surviving to 30 first.

5. How much your dream wedding is going to cost

Chances are, Beyonce will not perform at your wedding anyways so don't worry about having the budget for that.

6. What you're going to name your kids

If your husband hates the name Matthew, maybe it won't be Matthew. Also, maybe your husband will want to name the kid something off the wall like Whitman, leave the argument for later.

7. Your future kid's dating life

You should probably worry about your own first.

8. If your dancing is cool

No one is watching you. And even if they are, no one cares as much as you do.

9. What you're going to do after graduation

This one, you should probably worry about a little bit, but also you're overthinking it. If you don't like you're first job, you can always get another.

10. Are you going to retire to California or Florida? Or travel? There are so many choices

Maybe you should worry about a career before quitting said career.

11. Bonus, for any age: What other people think about you

Here's some of the best advice I've ever gotten: You'd worry a lot less what people thought of you if you realized how seldom they did.

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7 Times Donald Trump Was Surprisingly Likable

It's hard to believe that Donald Trump was once loved by everyone in America, yet he was. Here are 7 times DT surprised us with likable qualities, written by someone who doesn't like Donald Trump.

If you haven't seen or heard yet, Netflix recently released a new Netflix Original Docuseries about America's 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, titled An American Dream. At first glance, the docu-series may not sound too appealing to a large majority of audiences. However, the series has something to teach us, viewers... Trump did not rise to fame for no reason. This man, as unbelievable as it is, was once very charismatic, professional, and overall likable.

He is quite literally the reason that the Trump family grew into the empire that we know it to be today. I know, I can feel the eye rolls from here, but it's the truth. The series follows Trump from his rise to fame to his downfalls, pitfalls, bankruptcy, and gain of power. It also features many of Trump's close friends, acquaintances, and business partners throughout the years —— who vouch for the man he once was and the man that he is today.

Ultimately, the series unveils to us why 'The Donald' is the way that he is. I mean, wouldn't you also have a big ego if everything you touched quite literally turned to gold?

It's hard to believe, but here are about seven times that Donald Trump actually was likable.

1. Trump was a genuinely hard worker and didn't get his "big break" until his early 30s.

Trump, a hard worker? Pfft.

Actually, you'd be surprised. Of course, Trump had the help of his father, Fred Trump, but Fred wasn't as lucky as Donald. Fred gained his fortune through managing New York real-estate in The Bronx. He also managed construction projects and slowly became New York's most eligible bachelor before meeting Donald's mother. DJT was the third born out of five siblings. When he was younger, his parents noted him as being assertive, energetic and driven.

They quickly put him into a military academy, hoping that it would channel his energy in a more productive way. Fortunately, he did. He was an accomplished star athlete and star student leader. Trump then graduated from the Wharton School of Finance at the ivy-league University of Pennsylvania. with his BS in economics. During his years as an undergrad, Trump worked summers at his fathers' real estate company.

After college, Trump began envisioning large construction projects. His dream? Get out of Queens and Brooklyn and into Manhatten, the elitist New York. In the 70s, young Trump yearned for his own massive building and began designing the plans for The Grand Hyatt New York. The project was estimated to cost around $70 million.

His father gave him a "small" loan of a million dollars for the project but the other $69 million was up to Trump. So Trump basically met with every rich man in New York, whom all attested that he was charismatic, intelligent, and ambitious. Finally, one banker gave Trump his big break.

The money was loaned to Trump and he quickly became a household name in 1980 when The Grand Hyatt New York was built, making him the city's best-known developer.

The apartments in The Grand Hyatt ran as high as $11 million, paying back the $70 million and more. Then began the story of Donald J. Trump as we know it...

2. Trump hired the first female head of construction ever, Barbara Res.

What was once a male-dominated construction industry changed when Donald Trump met Barbara Res. Barbara was an assertive, challenging, and highly-intelligent individual who deserved the title more than her male counterparts. Trump quickly recognized this and seemed to like Barbara's challenging nature. She took nothing from nobody. So, Trump did what any sane person would do and hired the most qualified applicant, Barbara.

She was then crowned Trump's head of construction and supervisor of the building of Trump Tower. She also quickly became one of Trump's closest advisors for over a decade. Barbara Res, the first woman to build a skyscraper. Girl power!

3. Donald Trump and his wife, Ivana Trump, were once America's hottest couple and model relationship.

Though we all know Donald for the womanizer that he is, or rather, the womanizer that his money is, he was actually married to Ivana Trump for a little over 15 years. The couple was the hottest topic at the time. Everyone loved Ivana, for her spunkiness and foreign accent, but mostly for her comparable work ethic to Trump. The woman was a dang machine. A workaholic at best, Ivana did all of the interior designing for Trump's Plaza and the Trump Tower.

She loved to work and even saw herself as Trump's equal. She was the eye of the tabloids and everyone wanted to be Ivana. They had a fairly perfect relationship in the public eye which meant everyone just worshipped and admired their every move. Married from 1977 to 1992, the couple bore three children — Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump (the Kevin Jonas of the clan.)

Their divorce was a shock to all of America as no one suspected Trump to be unfaithful (pfffffft) and the entire country was in shambles at the idea of the two divorcing. Compare it to if Jay Z and Beyonce decided to divorce, the world would be in FLAMES. Ultimately, it was Ivana's choice to divorce after getting into a very public fight with Trump's mistress, Marla Maples. But Ivana came out on top, filing for a divorce suit of 25 million dollars. Yaaas girl yaas!

4. Donald Trump is apparently very empathetic and generous.

Donald Trump actually sheltered Jennifer Hudson rent-free for several months after her entire family was murdered. Jennifer Hudson lost her mother and brother in October 2008.

When the events happen, Hudson took a room at the Trump International Hotel Tower in Chicago. Trump was so shocked by what happened and Hudson's dire circumstances that he offered up a hotel suite to Hudson and her family and picked up their tab for the entirety of their stay.

There are many other instances of Trump's good deeds, but this one gave me the most feels.

5. In 1988, Donald Trump’s private jet carried a critically ill 3-year-old Jewish boy from California to New York for medical treatment, that he would otherwise not have been able to get in California.

In 1988, Judy and Harold Ten called Donald Trump and asked for his help. Their child, Andrew Ten, age 3, needed medical help in the New York area. Unfortunately for them, commercial airlines refused to fly Andrew because he could not travel without an elaborate life-support system (portable oxygen tank, suction machine, a breathing bag and an adrenaline syringe), something that Andrew did not have and therefore a liability for any commercial flight in the case that Andrew died en route. Judy and Harold, in a panic, thought "what the heck?"

And called Trump Tower, hoping to get in touch with Donald. They fortunately did, and Trump did not hesitate when he spoke to them saying 'yes, I'll send my plane out," immediately. When asked why he thought Trump made his private plane available, Harold Ten responded with "Because he is a good man. He has three children of his own and he knows what being a parent is all about."

6. Trump is a helicopter dad and seriously cares about his family.

I'm not sure if this makes Trump likable or not, but we can agree that not everyone has a father as involved as the Donald. In fact, all of Trump's kids followed in their father's footsteps and went to the University of Pennsylvania for finance and economics. Ivanka and Tiffany Trump then pursued graduate school at Georgetown University. Trump has always made sure that his children have the best of the best. Even if he does make creepy comments about his daughters.

The list of his children's accomplishments could go on for days, and although wealth plays a large role in the opportunities they had, Trump was highly concerned with his children receiving the best education and maintaining extreme competence.

7. Can we just talk about how good of a sport he was on Comedy Central's "Roast of Donald Trump"? Usually, this guy can't take a joke without getting his panties in a wad.

In the end, people will feel how they feel about Donald J. Trump. The man who kickstarted the 90's, wrote the best-selling finance book ever written,"The Art of the Deal," TV personality of The Apprentice, the first twitter-fingers president, one of New York's largest city developers, and a self-made billionaire, might be a pill too big to swallow for most. It's hard to admit it but, the man has some good qualities.

There are many more examples of Trump's good behavior, but maybe more examples of his bad behavior. As a man notorious for his tough and gritty business dealings and mind-orientation, Trump has done what most presidents haven't done before (I'm talking about the bad stuff here.) Yet, say what you will about our current president, you can't deny that this dude is a hustler. A hustler who has managed to get everything that he wants, even the Presidency.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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3 Of Donald Trump's Craziest Tweets Before Taking Office

Some of the most inaccurate statements made by the current President

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has faced much backlash since taking office in January 2017 due to his unconventional ways of governing. One particular aspect of his presidency that many find surprising is the fact that he tweets on a regular basis about controversial current issues and some of these tweets have caused many conflicts for both him and others. However, he has been tweeting long before the election and some of his tweets have received severe backlash. Here are 3 of Donald Trump's craziest tweets:

1. Ebola Tweet

The fact that people go out to help citizens of underdeveloped countries and this leads to growth in these countries is amazing. Trump saddened many people by saying that those who contracted ebola "must suffer the consequences". He additionally added to the fear that ebola was a huge threat in the United States.

2. IQ Tweet

Here, Trump portrays himself to be the smartest person in the world and he comes out as being so condescending with no evidence of his wildest claims. He makes it seem like others should feel bad about themselves because of something that is absolutely false.

3. Barack Obama "Birther" Tweet

Not only is Trump being extremely insensitive to the former President, but this tweet comes one year after Obama revealed proof of his Hawaii birthplace. The inability of him to face the facts and move on and to instead target the President for no apparent reasons makes him look childish and immature.

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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