10 Poets That You Need To Know About

10 Poets That You Need To Know About

From Neil Hilborn to Sarah Kay, you need to check these writers out.

10 Poets That You Need To Know About

Poetry, whether you like it or not, is coming back into style at full force, and no, I am not talking about the Dr. Seuss rhymes of the past. A modern movement of poetry is upon us, and I strongly encourage you to check it out. In order to properly immerse yourself in this new art form, you absolutely have to start by familiarizing yourself with these 10 poets.

1. Neil Hilborn

Neil Hilborn is famously recognized for his poem "OCD" that successfully overtook Facebook a few years ago. The poem uses Hilborn's experience with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and his love life to absolutely stun his audience. His ability to perform - not recite - his poetry is literally jaw dropping. In live performances, Hilborn holds none of his personality back, and for that, he should be praised. Follow Neil Hilborn on Twitter at @Neilicorn to connect with his work.

2. Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur became an internet sensation with the drop of her book "Milk and Honey." The poetry book follows four different paths of healing. Kaur takes on heartbreak, feminism, and so much more. On her Twitter page, Rupi completely defends her beliefs and inspires writers daily. Along with this, you can easily see she is proud of her success. Follow Rupi Kaur on Twitter at @rupikaur_ or find her book "Milk and Honey" to follow her work.

3. Sabrina Benaim

Commonly found in the poetry sector of YouTube, Sabrina Benaim works both fierce passion and soft beauty into her work. Her poem "Explaining My Depression to my Mother" hits home with those dealing with mental disorders, while her poem "First Date" explains the tribulations of dating and love. Working in a mainly spoken word format, you absolutely HAVE to check her out.

4. Darius Simpson

Darius Simpson (pictured right) is yet another favorite spoken word poet. Working with Scout Bosley (pictured left), Simpson shook the whole world of poetry with their poem "Lost Voices." Honestly, the poem is good enough to land both of these individuals on this list, because it represents so many stories left untold. Simpson, however, has had his individual work get a large following as well. Poems like "Genocide" and his performance on TED earn him his success.

5. Belissa Escoloedo, Zariya Allen, and Rhiannon McGavin

If you have been on Facebook, like ever, you have to at least scrolled past these girls. In 2014 at the Brave New Voices spoken word competition, this trio stunned the crowd with their poem "Somewhere in America." Seriously, you need to see the way these girls work together. Since their hit performance, they have been on numerous talk shows, even Queen Latifah's show. The poem strikes the current education system in the United States with blunt force, and these girls make some really strong points. If you are a current or future teacher, I suggest you check them out.

6. Brave New Voice's Washington D.C. Team

Yet another Brave New Voices team that I am absolutely obsessed with is the Washington D.C. team. Seriously, for the life of me, I cannot find the actual names of these women, but that does not negate the true strength of their work. These girls rock the feminist movement, and I mean rock it in their Halloween-themed poem. I found this phenomenal poem one night, late at night, when scanning YouTube for some sort of writing inspiration. Let me tell you, these girls delivered. On top of great writing, their coordination as a group is also top-notch. BFF goals.

7. Denise Frohman

Denise Frohman is another must-see poet. Frohman writes and performs stand-out poems that are extremely eye-opening. Particularly, Frohman's spoken word poem "Dear Straight People" is a hit. The poem is an anthem for the LGBT community, explaining daily struggles in a humorous, yet serious light. Seriously, watching the performance leaves you in chills.

8. Rachel Wiley

Rachel Wiley is a powerful female spoken word poet that is absolutely not afraid to talk about stereotypical taboo subjects, particularly weight. I have watched her poem "10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy" so so many times, because she speaks in a manner I have come to adore. Her blunt truthfulness is so important, and she can teach any writer to embrace themselves when writing.

9. Phil Kaye

Phil Kaye is easily my second favorite poet, ever. First of all, he has such a soft voice and romantic style, and I cannot ignore his natural writing charm. Many times, I have found myself on a Phil Kaye binge, because he deserves the attention. His poem "Repetition" can give me chills easily every single time I watch it. One line particularly gets me, when he states, "You watch the sunset too often it just becomes six pm." It is literally beautiful. The power of his mind is definitely enviable.

10. Sarah Kay

This list would not be complete without an appearance from the overly talented Sarah Kay. Miss Sarah Kay is without a doubt my absolute idol. I own her book "No Matter the Wreckage," and every time I read it, I find a new poem to obsess over. Sarah has a grace that is completely incomparable. She works in a humble manner, with a gentle focus on making the world a better place. Sarah speaks on love, on heartache, on family, and on hardship. Their is no mountain too high for her to conquer, and as a loyal follower, I have spent plenty of my nights indulging in her work. Follow Sarah on Twitter at @kaysarahsera for just a taste of her world. You won't be disappointed.

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