My 10 Personal Unpopular Opinions
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My 10 Personal Unpopular Opinions

Everyone knows them and everyone has them.

My 10 Personal Unpopular Opinions

Everyone knows about unpopular opinions. Everyone has at least one opinion that most people do not hold. Some people express these opinions for the need to feel superior, but others just hold these opinions and when asked, just say "nah, not a big fan." I thought I would share a few of my unpopular opinions because people can be genuinely interested in them. These opinions can be about absolutely anything.

1. "Clingy" Should Not Be Associated With "Codependency"

I've written a few articles regarding this, but in simplest terms, being "clingy" is often associated with with codependency, when most of the time, most people who say their clingy just love touch and being around the people they love. Are some clingy people codependent? Absolutely. But that does not mean all clingy people are.

2. "The Lion King" is Just as Overrated as "Frozen"

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Disney, so whenever I see people get into heated arguments about what is the most "overrated" Disney movie, most of the time people will say "Frozen." That is an absolutely valid opinion to have, but when those same people say that "The Lion King" was better, I sometimes have the urge to tell them about how "The Lion King" was just the "Frozen" of the good old nineties. Highest grossing animated movie of their time? Check. Got older audiences talking more about animated movies? Check. Has that one ear worm kids will not stop singing? Absolutely check.

3. Speaking of "Frozen", the Original Three Disney Princesses Have More Personality Than Elsa Ever Had

This is one where people would look at me like I have seven heads. The original three Disney Princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, tend to get shat on by most of the Disney community because they are "bland" or "are waiting for a man to solve their problems", but for the time each film was released, what do most people expect? Every Disney movie has some sort of aspect to them where you can tell what time period they were released, and the original three were had some sort of personalities that most female characters at the time would not have. Elsa, on the other hand, all she really had going for her was ice powers. That's all I remember her for, besides "Let it Go."

4. "PC Culture" Going Too Far Only Really Applies to Comedy

Whenever I see an article written by someone over forty about how "PC culture going to far", I cannot help but roll my eyes so far in the back of my head I could see my brain. As if doing the bare minimum by treating others that are different than you with respect was ever a bad thing to begin with. With comedy, however, that's a different story. So many comedians are watered down to the point where I cannot enjoy comedy shows that much anymore. Do tasteless jokes exist? Absolutely, the phrase "too soon" does not exist for no reason. But comedians do not have to feel like they are walking on eggshells every time they make a joke that may be considered slightly controversial.

5. I Don't Like How Almost Every Modern Children's Cartoon Has to Be Melodramatic

Incorporating a big story line in children's cartoons was a big leap in children's animation since it can show a child's attention span doesn't have to just last for thirty minutes, plus it was a great way to have that balance between serialized and episodic cartoons for children. However, in the last decade, serialized children's cartoons have been extremely dark and it can be confused for "mature." Having more of a variety in children's programing is just as important as it is for adult's programing, and I remembered getting that variety as a child.

6. People Over Forty Are A Lot Less Mature Than People Under Forty

Everyone loves to say how "whiny" and "entitled" millennials are, but most of the time the only millennials they know are their bratty children. I have been working in retail for almost five years, and every single time I dealt with a minor inconvenience, it was always the younger ones under forty that were understanding and the ones over forty that would yell that they want to speak to the manager.

7. The "One Strike You're Out" Mindset Needs to End

Forgiveness should not be mandatory, especially when it comes to serial rapists or child molesters or anything else of the sort, but when people feel the need to ruin someone else's life because of one thing, that's when it gets out of hand. This mindset as gotten worse as time goes by and we are in the age of social media. This kind of mindset has gotten people fired and kicked out of schools for social media posts made five to ten years ago. You can let people live in peace without having to make nice with them.

8. Fear Mongering When it Comes to Mental Health and Autism Needs to End

There is lots of stigma against Autism and mental health, and I am super passionate about ending that stigma. Part of that stigma is fear mongering by the media. Almost every portrayal of autism or a mental illness up to very recently has been portrayed as something everyone should be scared of and anyone who has autism or a mental illness knows that is far from true. These people are some of the greatest people ever and want what everyone else wants: to be accepted.

9. There's No Music That's "Better" or "Worse" Than Others

Taste is entirely subjective, so I never understood why people get into heated debates about their favorite bands or musical artists. I get that everyone will defend their favorite things with every muscle in their body, but saying someone is an idiot for liking or not liking a certain band or artist? That's just taking it too far.

10. Let People Put Whatever They Want On Pizza

There has been way too many debates about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza, but all I can say about it is, who cares? Who cares what someone's favorite pizza toppings are? I did not even like pizza toppings until recently, and I did not care what people put on their pizza. It's just pizza.

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