25 Unpopular Opinions That Should Be Popular Opinions
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Joey And Rachel Belong Together And 24 Unpopular Opinions That Should Really Be The Popular Opinion

I can already hear the outraged shouts of "The Office" fans.

Joey And Rachel Belong Together And 24 Unpopular Opinions That Should Really Be The Popular Opinion

There are a lot of things we agree and disagree with. Chances are you will probably disagree with some of these opinions. Scrolling down, I can already hear the outraged shouts of "The Office" fans.

But! Who knows? Maybe you'll find one and think "Yes! Finally, someone else who agrees!" We shall see.

And sorry peeps, I am not one of the many who thinks pineapple belongs on pizza.

1. "Parks and Recreation" is better then "The Office."

April/Andy & Leslie/Ben > Jim/Pam

Dwight is the only good thing about "The Office"

2. Water is not wet.

Wet is the state of having water on you. If you put water on your arm, it is wet. If you put water on water, it is still water.

I rest my case.

3. Tea is overrated.

Coffee and hot cocoa are superior.

4. Joey and Rachel belong together, and Ross just sucks.

Joey was in love with Rachel, Ross was in love (more like obsessed) with the idea of him and Rachel.

5. Mustard can go burn in Hell

It looks gross, it smells gross, and it tastes gross.

6. Rap is not music, talent yes, but not music.

Can't dance to it? Not music, and hopping isn't dancing.

7. Society isn’t strong enough emotionally. It doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, gay or straight, people take things too seriously.

Please stop getting offended by something that does not even affect you.

8. "Romeo and Juliet," "The Notebook," and "Titanic" are extremely overrated.

To be fair I've never read "Romeo and Juliet" or even seen a single movie adaption, but I know the gist and it's stupid. Even "West Side Story," which is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, is stupid and I love musicals.

Noah from "The Notebook" is toxic, even in old age he sort of tortures her. And both Jack and Rose (or at least Rose) from "Titanic" are idiots (he could've fit on the door if she just scooted over).

9. Football is boring AF.

The Superbowl is just for the commercials and the food.

10. An eye for an eye is stupid, learn to forgive even if you don't forget.

Your feelings don't give you the right to hurt others or destroy their property.

11. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" is not funny.

I only laughed about the swallow carrying a coconut scene. The rest was plain boring and not funny.

12. Puns, cheesy pick-up lines, and dad jokes are the best.

You will catch me laughing at every pun and dad joke there is.

13. Breastfeeding is beautiful and people need to respect mothers' choices.

Stop sexualizing breasts, believe it or not, your pleasure is not what they were created for.

14. Karaoke is fun!

Even if your voice sounds like a dying cat, its more fun when you participate. That goes for more then just karaoke.

15. You are the reason your life has turned out as it has.

Yeah your childhood may have sucked but now it's your life, and if it sucks, only you can change that now.

16. Just because someone says “I love you”, doesn't mean you are forced to say it back.

Also, if you're engaged, you don't belong to that person. If you're having doubts, talk to your significant other, don't just hold it in even if it means you may hurt their feelings.

Their response actually may help you make your decision and save you and them from further heartbreak that comes with a broken marriage.

17. Comedies have gone downhill

Please bring back Abbott and Costello, Carol Burnett, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Don Knotts, Tim Conway, etc.

18. Accidentally leaving your phone at home once in awhile is a nice vacation

Social media can wait.

19. Playing board games is better then watching a movie.

Use your brain, socialize! Movies are good, but memories with friends are better.

20. Kids should not have an electronic device until they are at least 16

Get them a phone that you have to buy minutes for (yes they still exist) once they are old enough to need a phone. Before that, TV or playing outside only.

21. Books are ALWAYS better then the movies.

Case and point: The Percy Jackson series

Series that may prove this opinion wrong: The "Lord of the Rings" trilogy

22. Anti-zoo culture is BS.

Most zoos are doing amazing work for conservation and education. Zookeepers work hard to give their animals the best possible lives. Don't let zoos of the past cloud your judgment of zoos today.

23. "Up" is way overrated

Cute movie, but not AMAZING.

24. Jared Leto was actually great as the Joker in "Suicide Squad"

He may not be the BEST Joker, but he was good! (Unpopular opinion within an unpopular opinion: "Suicide Squad" is a really good movie)

25. The Percy Jackson series and all its spin offs are some of the greatest YA literature there has been in quite a while.

Its educational and the author, Rick Riordan, knows his fan base so well! If you're not going to read Harry Potter or if you really enjoyed Harry Potter, then read these. They are fast paced and energetic, overall a good read.

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