Ramen and Easy Mac are often the most used words to describe the life of a college student, and there is a tried and tested truth behind it. We don't have a lot of money. It's the cold hard truth. College students need to save money wherever they can and can start by following these simple hacks because let's admit it: we're all ballin' on a budget.

1. Actually use your meal plan 

If you're going to pay the money to have an expensive meal plan, you might as well use it! Limit eating out or ordering in to every once in a while.

2. Sign up for student discounts 

Almost everywhere has some form of student discount that saves college students a ton of money!

3. Use the campus gym

Take advantage of free gym facilities while you still can...you don't need to drop tons of money on workout classes to stay in shape.

4. Don't buy new textbooks

Used textbooks are just as good and WAYYY cheaper than brand new textbooks. Renting textbooks is also a great option that significantly decreases textbook prices.

5. Wait until after syllabus week to buy books

More often than not, you don't end up needing/using the books listed on the syllabus for a class. Wait until after your first class to buy books because the professor might have some instructions or even provide you with a cost efficient free online download of the book.

6. Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry 

Believe me, I've done it, and it never ends well.

7. Be selective when eating out

Everyone loves eating out, but sometimes it just isn't in the budget. Cook something in your apartment/dorm or utilize that meal plan!

8. Treat yo self, but not too much 

We all deserve to buy ourselves something nice here and there but there is no need to make it a weekly occurrence!

9. Try Amazon Student

If you're a big online shopper try Amazon Student that give you affordable deals for practically anything you could think of to buy. You also get a free trial period!

10. Uber with a crowd

It's inevitable that you will be using Uber, so when you do make sure to split the ride multiple ways!