10 Halloween Costumes For The Lazy College Girl

10 Halloween Costumes For The Lazy College Girl

With the need to buy a few costumes for Halloweekend, and with the little time that you, the college girl, has, how are you supposed to put in the time and effort for an awesome costume?

Maddie Barber

You don't have to! Check out these ten costumes for you, the lazy college girl:

1. Space Cowgirl


How cute is this one? All you need is a shimmery skirt and top, plus an adorable pink cowgirl hat and you're golden. Oh, don't forget your space gun! Get this one for 10 bucks on Amazon, and then regift it to your little cousin for Christmas.

2. Devil


This one is totally overdone, but make it even cuter and sleeker with a pair of red vinyl pants, like these from Forever 21. Add devil horns, which you probably have from freshman year of high school somewhere, these fun red glasses, a red crop top, and if you want to be really fancy, this red jacket for 45 bucks. Might be worth for it for this sexy costume!

3. Cher Horowitz


Another classic, but for a reason. This costume looks cute and always put-together. No one has to know you rush-shipped the outfit from Forever 21 a few days before Thursday. Try this skirt, a white crop top (if you're a college girl, you definitely have one of these), and this cardi over it. Add white boots and you're golden.

4. Pimp 

Wear some big chains, a fedora, a fur coat that you could definitely wear again, and a sleek bralette with leggings or biker shorts. If you're feeling crazy, add this cheap pimp cane from Amazon.

5. Bratz Doll


This is the perfect excuse to wear that hot pink skirt you've always wanted. This one from Forever 21 is cute and affordable! Add a cropped white tee like she did in the pic and add the Bratz logo, or get this cute steal from Forever 21. Add a ton of makeup and a funky hairstyle, and you'll end up looking like your favorite bad-ass dolls from the early 2000's.

6. Daphne from Scooby Doo


All you need is a purple skirt, purple top, and purple cropped blazer. These white boots are perfect to match, and find green fabric to put in your hair, and voila! Ready to solve some mysteries with the gang!

7. Clown


Clown... but make it cute! All you need is a red crop top (you probably already have this), a colorful skirt, a bowtie, and heavy clown makeup.

8. Ketchup/Mustard/Relish


This one is probably the easiest of them all. All you really need is an oversized red, yellow, green (or white if you want to do mayo) shirt and a corresponding color party hat. Print out the logo of your condiment and you're done.

9. 90s Girls

Maddie Barber

I did this one last year and it was so easy! All you need are some funky 90s-esque clothes (we went with a grungy look), clout glasses (which you probably have from when they were super trendy last year) and scrunchies (which you definitely have)! Add some tattoo chokers and you're good to go.

10. Angel


This one is super basic but looks good on everybody. You'll need a white bralette or crop top, a white skirt, and a halo. For you, lazy college girl, you don't even really need the wings unless you want to go all out. Put some glitter on your face and it's a look!

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