10 Halloween Costumes For The Lazy College Girl

10 Halloween Costumes For The Lazy College Girl

With the need to buy a few costumes for Halloweekend, and with the little time that you, the college girl, has, how are you supposed to put in the time and effort for an awesome costume?

10 Halloween Costumes For The Lazy College Girl
Maddie Barber

You don't have to! Check out these ten costumes for you, the lazy college girl:

1. Space Cowgirl


How cute is this one? All you need is a shimmery skirt and top, plus an adorable pink cowgirl hat and you're golden. Oh, don't forget your space gun! Get this one for 10 bucks on Amazon, and then regift it to your little cousin for Christmas.

2. Devil


This one is totally overdone, but make it even cuter and sleeker with a pair of red vinyl pants, like these from Forever 21. Add devil horns, which you probably have from freshman year of high school somewhere, these fun red glasses, a red crop top, and if you want to be really fancy, this red jacket for 45 bucks. Might be worth for it for this sexy costume!

3. Cher Horowitz


Another classic, but for a reason. This costume looks cute and always put-together. No one has to know you rush-shipped the outfit from Forever 21 a few days before Thursday. Try