10 Best Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas Movies To Watch
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10 Best Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas Movies To Watch

Happy Holidays and happy watching!

10 Best Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas Movies To Watch

"The Good Witch’s Wedding"

If you are familiar with Hallmark movies, then you definitely know all about the Good Witch series, if not I highly recommend watching the series from the start because I am about to ruin the first two movies for you. The main character is a kind woman who has made her home in a small town, but she has a few secrets...she’s a witch. In this film Cassie marries the police chief, Jake, but not without turmoil and challenges along the way. The race to get to the altar by Christmas Eve, and keep the home given to her by her aunt, the Gray Lady will keep your eyes glued to the television. This movie is perfect to watch when you need a smile and a happily ever after.

"Eloise at Christmastime"

Eloise is six and she lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Although this is not a Hallmark-made movie, they never refrain from playing on a loop during the holiday season. Eloise is an outspoken, menace of a child, but she always means well. In this film the viewers follow her as she assist her nanny find the perfect present for her boyfriend, catch a villainous criminal, and pushes two people to reveal their true feelings about one another. This is a wonderful family movie and teaches the sweetest lessons. You will want to be Eloise’s best friend by the time the movie is over. She will capture your heart and make you laugh all while doing so.

"Ice Sculpture Christmas"

If you have ever seen the Witches of East End series, the main character in this film will look quite familiar to you. Rachel Boston stars as a striving chef named Callie. But her world is turned upside down when she meets the son of a CEO, named David. As you can imagine it is love at first sight when he walks into the country club she is dishwashing at. This is a typical love story with evil villains trying to break the connection between these two people, but in the end love takes form in ice, literally. The movie ends with a dramatic ice sculpture competition, and you’ll just have to watch to find out if Callie and David’s love can survive the below zero temperatures.

"Crown for Christmas"

A maid at an expensive hotel loses her job just before Christmas, and reluctantly takes a job as a governess to a European princess. While living at the palace she falls in love with her boss, the king. This is a typical love story, where love always prevails.

"‘Tis the Season for Love"

This film is about a struggling Broadway actress from a small town that loves everything Christmas, names Beth. While she goes home for the holidays, she runs into her high school sweetheart who left her at the train station. he seems to have a great life, all while she is struggling with her career and the fact that she can no longer be with the love of her life. Throughout the movie Beth receives help from none other than Santa. He gives her the key to her future and realizes the love of her life and her career are not what she thought they were.

"A Princess for Christmas"

Katie takes her niece and nephew to live with their grandfather after a tragic accident kills their parents. The grandfather of the kids is a Duke, and his personality reflects such. While at the castle Katie falls in love with the Duke’s son. This is a wonderful storyline about love and sacrifice.

"Angel of Christmas"

This is a Christmas mystery film about a mysterious angel statue. Susan is a christmas grinch, because she had a bad experience on Christmas Eve. When her mom gives her this statue she begins to take to Christmas a bit more and with the help of a friend.

"Let it Snow"

If you love Candace Cameron, you will really enjoy this movie! She stars as the daughter of a CEO trying to take over as much real estate as he can for his new hotel. She travels from sunny California to the snowy tundra in order to make a deal for her father with the folks who own a small bead and breakfast. While she stays there her love of Christmas grows, as well as her love for the owners son. He teachers her the meaning of Christmas while giving her a home for the holidays. This is a great happy ending film, and will make you laugh more than once!

"North Pole: Open for Christmas"

This is a brand new Hallmark film for the 2015 holiday season, which stars Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky from "Full House." This film is about an elf who travels to a tiny bed and breakfast in order to help the family who lives there. The family will not be able to keep the business because of their pilling debt and constant offers. But as soon as the elf walks into their lives they begin to realize the meaning of Christmas magic!

"Christmas Detour"

Candace also stars in this film about a new bride to be during the holiday season. Candace is anxious to get to New York City where her new husband lives, but along the way she gets into a bit of trouble and arrives to New York late. The message behind this film is perfect to get anyone into the holiday spirit!

Here is the Countdown to Christmas on Hallmark website , so you can check out all of the great movies mentioned!

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