10 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic
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10 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic

Thinking about what gift to get for a college senior who just graduated? Here are some ideas that you might want to consider!

10 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic

Do you know a college senior who has graduated during the COVID-19 pandemic? I graduated high school this year and I can imagine how upsetting it must feel for college seniors who have accomplished so much but weren't able to celebrate the way they wanted to. Senior year hasn't been the way anyone has expected but it is important to celebrate the accomplishments that many graduating seniors have achieved this year. One of the ways we can celebrate college seniors is by giving them a gift. Here is a list of some ideas for a gift that you might want to give a college senior:

1. Card

pexels.com John-Mark Smith

Giving a card to a college senior might make them really happy! You can add a personal touch to the card by writing about how much you are proud of their accomplishments and wish them luck for their future. In addition, if you know the person really well you can talk about all of the good times you had with that person and how happy you feel for them. Also if you are feeling a little extra creative you might want to handwrite the card and create the card yourself!

2. Jewelry

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Many people like to wear jewelry and if that person is the college senior you have been trying to buy a gift for then buying jewelry can make them happy. You can buy earrings, bracelets, or maybe a necklace for them.

3. Food

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Food can be a great gift for many people and you might want to surprise a college senior with their favorite food. An even better idea would be if you made the food by yourself and surprised them with it! If you don't know what your college senior's favorite food is then you can bake them a cake or maybe invite them for dinner or lunch and cook a simple nice meal for them, but remember don't invite a lot of people!

4. Slideshow/Video

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If you know a college senior really well and have pictures of them you can create a nice slideshow or video of them. In the video you could include captions where you can write anything you want to tell the college senior. Especially now that everything is reliant on technology a video would surprise the college senior. You can add music to the slideshow and put a personal touch to the video!

5. Flowers/Bouquet

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Surprising a college senior with a bouquet on their front door would be a great gift! This will be a nice and simple gift that will be greatly appreciated by many people.

6. iPhone Case

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A possible gift you might want to get a college senior is an iPhone case. According to https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/grad-gifts/ an interesting gift to give a graduating senior is a "customized iPhone case" where you can add your own personal designs on the case. In order for more details about this gift check out the website above.

7. Pens

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Another gift you might want to consider are pens. You can buy a college senior nice pens that they can use in the future. Some students are fascinated by fancy pens and that might be the gift you are looking for.

8. Diary/Journal

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Many students like keeping a journal or diary and if that person is the college senior you are trying to find a gift for, maybe you can get them a diary or journal.

9. Balloons

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A simple gift but is greatly appreciated by many people. Getting balloons for a college senior will help them feel the celebration vibes that they have been missing out on.

10. Teddy Bear

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Many college seniors have been missing not being around friends to celebrate their achievements. Getting a cute teddy bear might put a smile on a college senior's face.

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