10 Feelings Every Nursing Student Faces
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10 Feelings Every Nursing Student Faces

Normal feelings any college student feels, but super nurse-y.

10 Feelings Every Nursing Student Faces

1. Nervous

The amount of fear that happens while waiting for an exam grade can be similar to having a gun held to your head.

2. Sad

When someone dies, when you fail something, or just when you don't feel good enough, sadness is definitely a drowning feeling.

3. Selfless

That quick lifesaving feeling is a trait that is important to have when becoming a nurse. It is pertinent to be the type of person that runs to the trouble, forgets about everything else happening in your life, and helps the person in need.

4. Proud

When you pass a test, answer your instructor's question right or passed your semester's classes, you become filled with a warm, new confidence.

5. Relief

Being done with the day, done with a class, or finish an assignment, a wave of blank rest overtakes your body and you can finally relax.

6. Determined

I can do this! I am an amazing, brilliant person and I can handle the worst class, patient, and vein. It is a powerful feeling knowing that you could hold the world in your fingers.

7. Fresh

Every new patient, every new class is a clean slate.

8. Professional

That feeling of walking around in new scrubs and stethoscope in hand, showing people that you are becoming a nurse. This is an important feeling to indulge in.

9. Intelligent

You are pretty much treated as a WebMD to friends, family and anyone who sees you in uniform in public. When the problem is simple and you actually give good advice, it makes you feel like a genius.

10. Frustrated

Sometimes anger just builds up... WHY ME, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, WHY HIM/HER. You want to just rip everything apart, burn your scrubs, and burn the whole building you're in down.


But remember, that throughout all the good and the bad, you are still a (pre) nurse and you are the future. You are something to be proud of and all of the rough waters can be smooth seas if you make it happen.

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