10 Differences Between Being a 90's Kid And A Millennial

10 Differences Between Being a 90's Kid And A Millennial

If you're a 90's baby get ready for a nostalgic read

Millennials. Who and what are they? Basically, any child born from the year 2000 and onward. These "millennials" have grown up with the latest technology at their fingertips and they live in a world where flat screen TV's and iPads are pretty basic household items. That is crazy. As someone who was born in the 90's, I still remember when every house could afford probably one computer and that computer was slow, annoying, and you had to wait for what seemed like hours for the dial-up to run (good memories right)? Personally, I am almost a decade older than my younger brother, who is the millennial in this case. Here is my rant on the different lives we live.

1. A pacifier vs. an iPad

As a wee baby, if I were to cry or be remotely upset about anything I was to be quiet when my mother stuck a pacifier in my mouth. My brother, on the other hand, was granted an iPad filled with fun and interactive games to shut him up. That seems fair.

2. Pencils vs. Laptops

Back in the day, I had my homework in a form of a worksheet which was handed out during class to bring home. Nowadays I find my brother logging onto some modern looking homework program? Also, he has been using Google docs to make presentations and type out his homework with his friends since third grade. I struggled to do math homework in third grade since I had no cellular device to conveniently text my friends for some assistance.

3. Landline vs. cell phones

As I mentioned above, I personally thought I was pretty cool when I got my friend's phone number on a sticky note at school! I would go home and dial it up on my home phone feeling all grown up. We would gossip and try not to get caught when a parent was rudely listening to our important conversation on the other line or remember when pulling off a successful three-way call was the most fun pastime? Today my brother is a proud owner of an iPhone and an iPad. He has had his phone since third grade and has been a part of our family phone plan ever since. I still remember that the first day of middle school was the best day of my life as I was handed my first flip phone, a pink Motorola "Razr" to be exact.

4. Hilary Duff vs. Kim Kardashian

In the 90's I remember as a child that Blue's Clues was my favorite show, Teletubbies mildly scared me, and the Disney Channel was just beginning their historic reign with pre-teen tv shows (Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven were the best obviously). Even as I was slowly impending into my teen years, MTV was still music focused, Drake and Josh taught me how to be a normal kid, and "ABC family" was not called "Freeform"? Nowadays millennials watch whatever is #trending and whatever their friends say is "super good", even if that is watching shows like "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" or "Pretty Little Liars". Do not get me wrong, Kim K is an entertaining woman and PLL is one of my favorites, but I find it rather odd when I see 10-year-old girls commenting their thoughts on this week's episode (are you even mature enough to understand drama)?

This is funny because I am pretty sure my brother has never touched a newspaper in his life.

Like does this show really give 10-year-old girls "life"?!

5. Cooties vs. Modern dating

Aside from technology differences, let's talk about actual human interaction here. When I was in elementary school I remember boys still had cooties and if they punched you they probably liked you. Today, my brother magically has a different girlfriend almost every week and is freakishly a lot more advanced in "relationship stuff" than any fifth grader I have ever known. As his big sister, I am genuinely fascinated and horrified by his generation. I pray that he does not grow up to be involved in one of those " we are together but not together" crap and that crap is called modern dating nowadays by the way.

6. Human contact vs. Virtual contact

Continuing my rant with "real life stuff" I have to tie it back to technology once again. Although my brother partakes in weekly football practices and occasionally plays catch in the park with his friends, he spends the majority of his time playing on his computer, games like "Minecraft" and "Clash of Clans" are wildly popular for his age group. Nowadays, hanging out with his friends means all of them sit in their bedrooms and log onto their games online and "play" together. Anyways, back in my day if I wanted to play an actual video game with friends, I invite them to my house and we whip out the classic Gamecube or Nintendo 64 console and I would obviously destroy them in "Super Smash Bro's".

7. Speaking vs. Typing

Currently I have to admit I am rather tech savvy and definitely rely on my technology resources nowadays to get through life. BUT if I am in an argument with my best friend or about to break up with my boyfriend, call me crazy but I prefer to have those things happen IRL (in real life)! When did it become acceptable to send a childish text to end a relationship or start "twitter beef" and throw major shade at your BFF just because you guys are in a fight? Is real human interaction and simply talking to another fellow human that daunting for millennials? This issue goes for nearly all millennials and unfortunately this trend is growing for almost anybody living in our current society today and not under a rock. Also here is a life tip millennials, stop retweeting some petty quote hoping the person you dislike sees it. That literally does nothing and if you want to start real drama, go say it to their face!

8. Glitter eyelids vs. Contour and highlight

Although this does not apply to my brother specifically, has anyone else noticed how young girls nowadays can apply makeup better than you ever could at 10 years old? Like why are you 13 and have a fully contoured face with eyelash extensions and using the Kylie Jenner lip kit already? Why did we grow up with glitter jars, Lipsmacker chapsticks, blue hair extension clip ins, and scrunchies? I am confused as to why the youth today strive to look like super short and small 21-year-olds. Millennials will never know how cool "Limited Too" was or how wearing gauchos and some shirt with a cute animal and the word "Adorable" on it was a tradition in elementary school. Also, never forget how Juicy tracksuits were the most comfortable way to look cool, not high-waisted denim shorts and a too tight crop top.

9. Myspace vs. Facebook

Remember when creating a Myspace profile without your parents' permission was an entry way to being cool in school? When listing out your squad's initials and putting a <3 next to your crush's name was how we expressed ourselves? Nowadays, Facebook has definitely dominated the social media hub along with other sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and etc. When I was 13, trying to pick out a cool background and making sure I had the newest hip-hop songs featured on my Myspace page was my only priority. I definitely was not creating a virtual resume online by posting all my life pictures and posting every single accomplishment I came across in life at 13.

10. Toys vs. Gadgets

I recall playing with actual toys when I was younger, such as a fake kitchen or doctor tool sets or some colorful machine that made noises when you pressed a button type of thing. I had dolls and a Barbie house (unfortunately not the Barbie Malibu Dream House). Nowadays I see children having playtime on their iPads and parents having a nanny take them to Chuck E Cheese every weekend. Virtual dolls where you can apply makeup and do their hair for them and do virtual fashion shows for, or boys would rather watch or play a motorcycle racing game with their two thumbs and not build an intricate race track and have to actually push little car figurines with their two fingers.

I bet you my brother does not know what "Hot Wheels" are.

Ok, this house would have been a dream back then, WOW.

These are some day to day things I have noticed personally in my life while growing up with a millennial brother. Occasionally I sit and reminisce on my childhood and I get a good laugh. For instance, why did I plaster my room with posters of Zac Efron, cute puppies, and had "Live, laugh, love" as a wallpaper for everything? Why was I obsessed with bedazzling and constantly proving to my friends that I deserve to be the queen of the monkey bars? But anyways, a childhood is a childhood and I love my millennial folks regardless! There is a lot to appreciate about the millennial generation but sometimes when I am comparing my bring up to a millennial's upbringing, it is still baffling. Forever annoyed that my brother does not hold the same appreciation for Otter pops and Kool-aid Jammers as I do and he thinks it's lame that I used to pass notes in class (which was such a big deal if you got caught, he doesn't even know what real thrill is).

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Cover Image Credit: Mackenzie Webb

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Goodbye Teenage Years, Hello Twenties

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