10 Cures For Boredom

10 Cures For Boredom

Everyone falls victim to it from time to time.

Boredom. Everyone falls victim to it from time to time. It occurs on those days when all your friends are busy or it's raining outside and there is nothing to do. Luckily, I have found 10 things that are guaranteed to cure your boredom and have decided to share them with you.

1. Finish a Coloring Book

I received Daria Song’s The Time Chamber for Christmas a couple years ago and have discovered that it is a perfect cure for boredom. Along with the beautifully complex illustrations, each page of this book contains parts of a story about a little fairy. All the drawings are so beautiful and are good time consumers. Most of these adult type coloring books are very inexpensive and can be found at stores like Walmart, Target, and Marshalls.

2. Play Card Games

I never thought card games could be a cure to boredom until my friend taught me how to play spit. That night I spent three hours attempting to beat him and our other friends. Even if you don't have friends, there are plenty of single-person card games, to play. I found a bunch of the following website: http://cardgameheaven.com/single-player-games

3. Write

Writing is a great way to relieve stress and get your thoughts down on paper. There are many writing prompts available online to help your creative juices flow. If you're not a big creative writer, you can create some fun lists. They can be something silly like your top ten favorite animals or more serious like a list of things you want to do before you graduate.

4. Catch Up with a Old Friend or Family Member

Being away at college, I always have a friend back at home that I can catch up with. Even if you don't have any friends to catch up with, I'm sure grandparents would love a call updating them on your life

5. Read a Novel

Reading a book can whisk you into a new world and make you forget all about your boredom. Recently, I was recommended to read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. If you aren't a big fan of novels, try reading a magazines or maybe some news articles.

6. Give Yourself A Beauty Day

Everyone has a special way to relax, so why not spend a day doing your special routine. Take a nice warm bubble bath or paint your nails.

7. Test a New Baking Recipe

I love trying out new baking recipes, specifically cookies. Throwing the ingredients together and finding the best outcomes for your sweets is so satisfying. Plus, it is even more satisfying to taste and share your results with friends.

8. Start a Scrapbook or Photo Collage

Everyone has a DIY Board on Pinterest full of crafts you've never tried, so why not try some. By the time you find an idea and begin to create, you'll forget all about your boredom. Get started on those canvases and photo collages!

9. Organize Your Life

This can be as simple as making a list of things to get done or as complex as putting all your events into calendar. Getting your life more organized always makes you feel more put together and can give you the motivation you need.

10. Watch a Movie

Everyone has a list of movies they've been meaning to watch. Why not spend some of your time catching up on these movies. Personally, I recommend any classic 80's movie, specifically 16 Candles and Dirty Dancing.

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The Types Of Guys You Will Meet In College

"Yo what's up I'm Brad, I'm in a frat and intern for Vineyard Vines"

Oh the college life, who doesn’t love it? And what inevitably comes with the college life? B.O.Y.S. (heart eyes). Boys - big, tall, large, small, funny, assholes, you name it - you will meet them. We all get a little hot when we see that D1 player everyone drools over walking past us in the hall, but college guys go far beyond that.

Lets start off with the typical “Netflix and chill” bro who we all probably have encountered our freshman year of college. Late nights roll around, it's like a Wednesday, and you peep your phone. Let's call Netflix and chill guy "Kevin." Kevin adds you on Snap, or you matched on Tinder, whatever floats your boat. He snaps you a pic of his legs in grey sweats and a blurred tv in the background with the caption “Hi." He then proceeds to snap “Netflix and chill?” You may either answer or not answer. If you don’t answer, he will delete your snap, only to add you back after seeing you looking fire flames late night ordering pizza in the dining hall. No Kevin, I wont Netflix and chill with you, and stop getting me excited when I see someone new has added me on snap. Blocked. Oh, and if you did happen to Netflix and chill with this man, when you walk by awkwardly in the hallway, do not expect him to acknowledge you, let alone give you a hello.

Now let’s talk about long, tan and handsome. Everyone wants him, but not everyone can have him. Will you be the lucky bachelor of the week? One can only pray. You purposely wear your Sunday best on a Monday because you know that you and him usually cross paths before you walk into the same 8am and you hope he might just notice you. Fast forward to the weekend, drunk and god only knows what else at his house party, where you approach him with full liquid courage….”Oh my god you’re like totally in my stats class!” And that’s as far as it'll go. You have the typical “OMG STATS CLASS” joke when you cross paths hammered at parties and bars, go run and scream to your friends that you fell in love, and continue this cycle only to see him and his dime of a girlfriend post their first pic on Instagram. RIP to your fantasy with stats guy.

Now I bring up High guy… you see him almost everywhere and anywhere, usually in a graphic tee and eyes half closed. You can smell weed man from almost a mile away and you just wanna vibe with him the minute you walk by. He is normally half asleep in every class and when the teacher calls on him he gives the most insightful answer. You won't see weed guy out, unless he’s bringing drugs to you or your friends. He’s usually half-comatose day in and day out, glued to his couch, staring at Trailer Park Boys with a chicken parm foot-long shoved in his mouth surrounded by smoke.

With weed guy inevitably comes Mr. Jack and Coke. You are on his level once in a while, stumbling down the streets to the next party, screaming shots with each other and shotgunning Four Lokos. Just when you thought you could hang, this guy can hang upside down over a pit of fire and still survive. He is 3 Four Lokos deep, has just funneled Dubra and has been Edward Scissor-handing for the past 30 minutes. He runs around to every girl at the party and tries to sloppily make out with them while tipping over at a 70 degree angle. Everyone loves this guy, up until he pisses all over the wall and knocks over the TV. Hide yo alcohol people, because he WILL steal it. Invite him to the party though cuz he always gets drunk enough to offer everyone a shot of vodka.

I'm going to call this next guy the asshole because that’s exactly what he is. Everyone has experienced or will experience the asshole at some point in their lives, and let me apologize to you in advance. You meet him at a bar, he buys you a drink, tells you you’re the hottest girl in the bar, and next thing you know you wake up butt-naked in his bed. He tells you he “really wish you could stay,” but he has shit to do. You leave, reminisce on the mediocre sex, and return home. You hear back from him, the cycle of subpar nights in his bed after he sneaks you past his housemates continues, and you wonder where this is going. The asshole’s number-one expertise is avoiding the question.” Oh I like you I'm just so busy right now, lets not talk about feelings cuz things get complicated, you are an amazing girl I just don’t want a gf right now.” And the best part? WE BELIEVE IT. So the cycle continues until he slowly does the fade out because he’s found another totally oblivious girl he can shove his @!*& in… Goodbye asshole, thanks for reeling me in, grabbing my heart, and then stomping all over it.

The guy best friend…he is my ultimate fave college boy. Every girl needs a guy best friend. Who else are you going to ask for advice when your being played and have no idea what to do about it? Yes, girls are awesome, but guys are just so drama-free, and it's always nice to have an opinion from the other sex. You wanna know if your bodysuit and jeans look good, just snap your BFF a pic and you're guaranteed to get a response out of it that is brutally honest. It's just so relieving to have a guy figure in your life who can make you feel like you’re for the boys and not have to slap on your entire makeup supply to just go watch TV. And if by chance you are so irresistible that your guy friends fall in love with you, make a story out of it. Everything happens for a reason.

The list goes on and on, you have the frat bro who daps up all his brothers as he walks down the hall, the painfully shy guy who hasn’t made eye contact with a single person in his life, the school celeb that everyone knows, the super hot RSA, you name it. I won't continue to spoil all these men because I sure as hell am sure you will find out about them for yourself. Of course one of these guys could potentially be the love of your life guy, so let's not lose all hope in humanity. Just don’t meet a Brad ;)

Cover Image Credit: http://www.memeuniversity.com/pics/1029.jpg

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You Know Smoking Is Bad for Your Health,

But How Can You Quit?

It has long been known that smoking is bad for your health. With the risk of COPD and even cancer, it is important to stop smoking no matter how long you’ve been doing it. It can be hard to quit a habit such as smoking, but with these four tricks, you might just find it easier. Here is what you can quit.

Nicotine Replacement

Nicotine replacement has been around for a really long time and it has helped countless people stop smoking. By not getting your nicotine through a cigarette, you learn to live without the “oral fixation” of a cigarette. Plus, nicotine replacement through patches or the gum, allow you to slowly lower the level of nicotine in your system. By slowly lowering the strength of the patch, or by chewing fewer pieces of gum, you can avoid the typical withdrawal symptoms that people who stop smoking cold turkey experience.

Smoking Cessation Medication

There are medications such a Zyban and Chantix that help people quit smoking. Most of these medications reduce your urge to smoke, which helps break the habit. Chantix works by giving the body the same rush, just not as much, so eventually you don’t need the cigarettes and you won’t need the Chantix anymore either. Many people wonder how Chantix works, and it is a process based in the biology of the brain, tricking it into not needed cigarettes anymore.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy mostly consists of talking to a counselor about the cigarette addiction and ways you can get past it when trying to quit smoking. An addiction counselor is the best type to see, as they will have more tools in their bag of tricks to help you. They might be used to helping people with stronger and more damaging additions, but they are also the best to help you quit smoking. Call around to find one, and remember that if the counselor doesn’t fit you, you can always find another so it is more beneficial to you.


Whether you have an APV (advanced personal vaporizer) or a more expensive mod, vaping allows you to continue, at least in some respects, the smoking habit. However, the myth that it is the same has smoking has been disproved. It can aid you in quitting the cigarette habit plus you have a myriad of flavors to choose from and a bigger vape cloud so you can enjoy learning tricks, keeping your mind busy and off of smoking cigarettes. Vaping gives you little to no nicotine depending on the E-liquid you choose, which makes it easier to quit smoking cigarettes. To get started with this, all you need is a vape kit and an e-liquid that has less nicotine than you’ve been using. You can decrease your nicotine content little by little until you are completely off of it and have conquered your addiction.

What has been found as the most successful way to quit smoking is a combination of two or more avenues. If you decide to turn to vaping, you might also want to see a behavioral specialist. Having the support of a therapist while also vaping to have the sensation of smoking can increase your chances of success.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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