10 Cheap And Fun Summer Ideas

1. Beach/Lake

We all know it's extremely hot during summer and we all want to cool down, so why not have a beach or lake day? Usually, state parks or lakes only cost around $10 per car for the whole day, where you usually can swim, cookout, and generally just have fun. While beaches can get expensive with parking, usually if you get there early enough you can get a good deal. Depending on the beach, you can sometimes get in with just a cost of around $15 for a car enjoying the same luxuries as lakes just without cooking usually. But it's still budget friendly as most people car pool meaning it would only cost a few dollars each for parking and it's perfect as you can pack a cooler full of snacks, drinks, and sandwiches or whatever you love to eat for lunch.

2. Fairs

Usually we think of fairs as an expensive thing we love to do as a family ritual during the fall. But, in the summer, there are cheap or even free fairs that are local, such as a carnival that’s usually $5 plus any money you spend on food, drinks, or games. A summer favorite is a farm stand fair where you can get fresh fruit, veggies, and baked goods, usually even having some food vendors or booths and an area to pet some of their animals.

3. Make Something

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, it could be anything from popsicles to a DIY project such as a candle. You could even grab a few friends and make a rainy day fun by doing a few fun projects.

4. Go To A Carnival/Parade

Generally these parades are free to go to and you get to have a great time while doing it. All you need to pay for is any parking if needed or any food you may get. It’s a great way to have fun with family or friends while still being carefree and not worrying about going over budget.

5. Go Outdoors

Usually places where you can walk or hike are free to go to. Even getting out to go canoeing, biking, or a free local music concert is a fun way to get outdoors. Other options are a town beach, BBQ, parks, and other accessible places can be fun to go yourself or with others.

6. Outdoor/Indoor Classes

Let’s face it, during the summer most of us love getting outdoors, so it’s perfect to take classes outside. Some options are yoga, Pilates, any other fitness classes, or painting. It’s a great way to do something active and fun and gets you outside. If being outside isn’t applicable to you, doing any of these indoors is also great.

7. Do A Yard Sale

A great way to de-clutter and make money while doing it, whether it’s selling it online or doing a physical yard sale, it’s a great way to make some extra cash for whatever you choose to spend it on. It’s a great way to get yourself motivated on a rainy day and get together everything you don't need or want anymore. After you sell the items, whatever is left can either be pitched or donated.

8. Start A Collection From Nature

Whether walking up and down the beach collecting rocks or finding different leaves, it’s a great way to get outside and also a great way to make you appreciate what nature has created for us. You get to see all the different kinds of whatever you are collecting and you also get to see how it came to be and what it does for the earth.

9. Read

I get it; books can get expensive. But let me tell you, it doesn't have to be! A lot of books now can be cheap especially if you look at local discount book stores or even check your local library. Even if you're in school, checking out your school's library is a great option and you even can sit outside while doing so. Personally I love buying a lot of books at once when I know I have the money just to have books to save me for a while and then I can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.

10. Have A Campfire/Bonfire

This is an especially cheap thing to do with friends or family, especially after a BBQ or even after a day at the beach. It’s a great way to end any night. Getting a grate to put on top to cook things like popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, and even s’mores is a great option. Every friend or family member will love doing it with you. It’s one of my favorites if not my favorite thing to do at any point of the year, largely due to the smell of the fire. And being able to spend it with friends or family is what makes me the happiest.

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