19 Things I've Learned In My 19 Years
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19 Things I've Learned In My 19 Years

My birthday is this Friday and I can't help but to reflect.

19 Things I've Learned In My 19 Years
Moira McCarville

Turning 20 years old is something that I never thought would be that big of a deal. Leaving your teens is a big step; making strives to become an adult and taking on the world one step at a time. Here's a roundup of 19 things that I have learned over the past 19 years of my crazy, beautiful life.

1. Self Love Isn't Selfish

Taking care of yourself and your mental health is always number one. If this means you take a day away from everyone and lay in your bed, you do that. If your metal health isn't there then you aren't present in anything you do.

2. Cutting People Off Doesn't Make You a Toxic Person

This is something that I have really struggled with over the years. By cutting off toxic people, that automatically make you such a bad person. Cut them off! Relationships are a two way street, but if it turns into a one way, take a left.

3. Family is Always #1

They are there for the highest highs and the lowest lows. Being close with your family is something that is so incredibly valuable and special to me. Say, "I love you often," and take time to spend time with those you love.

4. Be Loud About What You Believe but Also Keep and Open Mind

Express your thoughts but also don't be too quick to hear the other side. As I grow older a lot of my thoughts and opinions are becoming different and that is perfectly okay. They've changed off of the people I've actually listened to but if your have your ear-muffs on there's no way you can grow for confidence or change your thoughts.

5. You Really Can Do What you Set Your Mind To

Getting yourself through college or even waking up and getting out of bed. Make your goal and make every strive you can until you get there.

6. Lifelong Friend Exist 

I have had my best friend for almost 19 years now. They really do exist and once you've found yours, life is complete.

7. Be Bold

Be bold in what you say, wear, and do. Being anything else is boring.

8. Express Your Own Style

Wear that red lipstick that you've been eyeing in your collection or go all out on your hair. Everything you do be bold in how you do it because everything else is boring.

9. Be Loud and Carefree

Nothing makes your week brighter than dancing in your kitchen to random songs with you closest friends.

10. Laughing is the biggest Cure 

If you say belly laughing with your best friends is boring, you need to get some new friends.

11. Follow Your Dreams, No Matter the Circumstances 

Big or small it's definitely do-able.

12. Live Creatively

Let your creative juices flow. If it's decorating your apartment or even doing your makeup a different way. Let your creative style go wild.

13. Express Who You are and Who You Want to Be

If you aren't content where you are now then change, express who you want to be in many different ways.

14. Turn Goals into Achievements, but if that doesn't happen that's okay

Have big goals for yourself but also be comfortable enough to know that this could possibly not happen.

15. Be Content in Where You Are Now

The growth and change that you will go through is unimaginable. Be content where you are now but also look forward to the future.

16. Have Big Ideas for the Future

One of my biggest dreams is to own a house right out of college. I have big plans of flipping it and making it mine over time. Because I know this I have already started to save and prepare that.

17. Take Care of Your Heart

Listen to your heart and follow that with confidence. If in your heart you know something isn't right then don't follow that path.

18. Live Courageously 

Get a piercing you never thought you would get, or plan a trip across the states with friends. The times I decided to live courageously are my best memories thus far.

19. Always be You

At the end of the day you are you. You wear the skin that you got and your personality is yours. Be proud to walk in the skin that you are in and be able to express who you are. Never lose sight of who you are.

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