Zootopia Isn't Just For Kids

The movie Zootopia may be a great movie for kids to watch but as often happens, there are a lot of hidden messages that can be easily picked up by adults watching the movie. These are some that I picked up and what I got from them. I may be completely off but this is what I believe may be portrayed and have heard others saying the same.

There is this constant underlying theme of racism in which "predators" are being targeted by police since they are the usual stereotype of violent "animal". Many people believe this hints at minorities being targeted by police because of their color.

Lock up the predators and the prey will be safer. This is exactly how racism works in society. There is the feeling that if all the stereotypical dangerous people are locked away, then the others can live their life exactly how they want in perfect harmony.

Judy herself ends up hurting a person because of the assumptions she makes about these predators by grouping these people as one.

Sexism is also a theme because smaller animals such as Judy Hopps herself isn't allowed to do a large animal's job, especially being a police officer.

Small weak animals (women) can't do the job of a tough larger animal (men) and shouldn't even try. Judy doesn't care that her stature is small and that she is outnumbered, she is determined to change the world and that's exactly what she'll do.

There's another theme of leaving home that hit me particularly hard. When Judy is ready to go on and follow her dreams, her parents remind me a lot of my parents. They worry that she's doing dangerous things and always want to be in touch. They also warn her to beware of predators (especially foxes) even though she ends up being close to a friendly fox named Nick.

There are also references to The Godfather and Breaking Bad including a scene where they need the mafias help and then a scene where Woolter and Jesse are making blue bullets in a hidden train car. As someone who still loves and misses Breaking Bad, I was so excited when this reference was made.

Maybe the next movie will tackle other interesting topics like interracial relationships (inter-species Nick and Judy) and/ or more on stereotyping people and shoving them into the area they are believed to belong in. This movie is important for everyone and anyone and there is a lot to learn.

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