Over Spring Break, I watched several movies, ( to be quite honest probably too many), including "Deadpool" and "ZooTopia." While the first movie was unsuitable for children, the second was for anyone of any age. As I sat through the movie, a few things popped out at me. In a time where the country is divided the most by politics and the outside appearance, this movie delivers the message that a lot need to hear:

People shouldn't be judged by their outward appearance or their stereotypes.

The main plot of the movie is two characters try to solve a missing person case while facing prejudices against them. One of the main characters, Judy Hopps, is told multiple times that she can't be a cop due to the fact she is a bunny and prey. However instead of just doing what everyone told her to do because she was a bunny, Judy becomes the first "mini-mammal" cop. At first it seems that movie is going to show that world was against the prey, then it shifts it shows that the predators also face prejudice too.

One of the movie's best scenes is when *SPOILER ALERT * the character, Nick Wilde, talks about how as a kid he wanted to join this boy scout-like group and was forced to wear a muzzle along with being told he couldn't be in the group due to his status a "predator". There are various or scenes in the movie where the predators and prey are treated horribly due to what the other group views them.

This movie seems to have come out at the right time, especially with the race to the White House. One of the main party candidates platform's is how groups and genders that aren't the same as his, are less than them. The scary thing is that he is leading in multiple states and did very well in Super Tuesday. "ZooTopia" seems to take this candidate's message and thankfully do the reverse. It preaches diversity and acceptance when it could have been just a movie with cute little animals singing and dancing.

As my mom said after watching the movie with me, "Donald Trump should watch this movie."