Congratulations. You've found yourself as single as can be on Valentine's Day. That means we have something in common. I’m no stranger to being without a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, I have this thing down to a science. And honestly, it’s not really a big deal.

I’m not gonna lie, Valentine’s Day is a little bit annoying to people like me who don’t have a boo to spend it with. My bitter self tends to see it as a bunch of couples trying to rub their coupleness in single peoples’ faces. As a self-proclaimed Valentine’s Day expert, I have found that the most effective solution to drowning out the obnoxiousness is to become the embodiment of Cupid himself. Okay, I don't mean that literally. What I'm saying is to spread the love. Love your family, love your friends, love your dog. Other people who haven't read this outstanding article may be struggling with feeling alone, and they need and deserve compassion and small acts of kindness. Wear a smile around all day and radiate nothing but positivity and love in the form of compliments and waves hello. Also, I cannot stress enough the importance of loving yourself on this day (and every other day). Buy yourself flowers and discount chocolate and candy, light candles, and treat yourself to a nice bath.

The Merriam-Webster definition for Valentines day is “February 14 observed in honor of St. Valentine and as a time for sending valentines.”

Notice how it says absolutely nothing about celebrating as a couple. Just sayin'. Don't let yourself feel ashamed of being single.