You're A Senior Now
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You're A Senior Now

Enjoy it!

You're A Senior Now


It's senior year.

Your final year of high school.

You're definitely feeling nervous but also extremely excited, cause hey, you're the senior now.

You probably have a countdown somewhere, counting down the days till the big graduation day.

Which is all great—I started my countdown right before I left for my (last) first day of high school. You're probably also thinking that your college applications are the most important thing in your life right now, and while that is true, try not to let it consume you...


Your applications are important, but don't forget to have fun. Join the clubs your school offers that you think you'll be good at and some that will challenge you. Go to as many social events as you can. You may have heard stories from previous seniors about how they didn't enjoy their prom and whatnot, but that doesn't have to be the case for you—grab your group of friends and make the most of it! At times the stress may get to you, and you may think that you should sit this one out... don't. You'll be creating so many fun memories this year, so try to make the most of everything.


Try to branch out a little, make new friends, and fix your old friendships (it's the best way to help you start completely fresh once you get to college). Graduation is a big event and you're sharing it with your fellow seniors, try to befriend them and be there for each other.

Take Pictures:

Most of my friends hated it when I walked around with my phone and took selfies with them or took pictures of them doing silly things in the hallways. But all this pays back in the end. Document your senior year. It'll be the best year of high school and you will—no doubt—want to remember this when you get older.

Plan Ahead:

I started filling out my CommonApp, brainstorming for my college essays, and figuring out who to ask for my recommendations in August, and I advise you to do the same. By doing this you'll have plenty of time to edit and edit again, all up to the final deadline: December 31. Take note of all the other deadlines you may need as well: deadlines regarding the SATs, the ACTs, or financial aid.

The Future:

Don't be afraid of the future; it will come, it's inevitable. Instead of worrying about what the future holds, try to live in the moment. Don't let all of the good times slip past. Focus on staying organized, getting your applications in, and staying positive.


Now you won't be gone for good, but you won't have your parents there to comfort you every step of the way in college. Try not to forget about them this year—hang out with your siblings, your relatives. You won't be seeing that much of them later on.

Major first:

Find a passion. If you're really into architecture and you believe that this could be the major for you (don't forget, you don't have to declare a major until the end of your second year of college), find universities that have architecture programs that you think you will benefit from and enjoy. Your all-time dream school may not have the program that is right for you, so do not forget to research every little bit of a university's website. Knowing your major first and doing your research will be helpful for you when you start to get the replies back. Make sure that you'll be comfortable with attending any of the universities you applied to, whether it was a safety, reach, or a target school.

Semester two:

Your applications are in, now what? Kick back and relax, of course! Not so fast. School is still in session and you have to keep going, really try your best, and finish with strong grades.

It may not seem like it now, but senior year will go by in the blink of an eye. One day you're rushing to get to the first day of school, and the next you're walking down a stage in your cap and gown, so please make the most of this year. Go to all of the events you can, have fun, and enjoy your year!

It may seem overwhelming and impossible right now, but you can do this.

Good luck,

A Class of 2016 Graduate.

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