We’re 6 months away from determining our new president of the United States of America. While we aren’t sure who’ll be representing the democratic side, we know for sure that Donald Trump is the nominee for the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and everyone’s favorite old guy, Bernie Sanders, have one thing in common: they all suck. Now, before the regressive left get all riled up and start complaining that Bernie is the greatest thing since sliced bread, hear me out. I’ve watched this election turn America into a laughing stock as we’re deciding on a reality TV star, a crooked politician whose campaign is based on inconsistencies, and someone who thinks America should become Europe, Canada and everything in between. Now, each of these candidates presents some valid points--some more than others--but at the end of the day, they all have major flaws that will ultimately ruin the country they claim they want to improve.

Hillary Clinton:

The favorite to win the democratic nominee is clouded with an awful lot of controversy and most of it is based on her inability to handle her email server. The email scandal is something that most people talk about, but aren’t quite sure what it is, and to be quite honest, the details of them are quite murky. What we do know is that Hillary wasn’t responsible for the death of the 4 Americans killed in Libya, however, what she did do was lie, claiming the attack was because of one reason, while her email said it wasn’t. While managing her email account, she also may have broken a few laws, such as the mishandling of classified information and a violation of the Freedom of Information Act, and I’ll be honest, if she’s guilty of these things, I wouldn’t want her near the White House. Even though her policies aren’t terrible, as it’s nothing more than a repeat of what Obama has done over his past 8 years, let's look at the key contributors to Hillary’s campaign. Look at all of those super PACS who she’s going to owe favors to. Someone who has gained that much money and has forced their influence into politics should definitely be someone to be terrified of whether it’s a man or a woman. If you want money out of politics, you have to “Feel the Bern”. On the other hand……..

Bernie Sanders:

I feel like anytime anyone criticizes him, so called “liberals” will jump to his defense as if they owe it to Bernie. Now, there’s a lot of good when it comes to this man--his desire to put a halt to racism, to eliminate money from politics, and to clean the environment is all sincere and I truly hope one day those plans are taken into serious action. As for everything else, however, I have some serious questions in terms of both the reasoning behind it and on how Bernie plans on increasing the revenue from tax dollars to about 19 trillion dollars over the next 10 years to pay for his plans. He’s offering free college, free health care, and 15 dollars an hour minimum wage. The plan is to tax the wealthy more, close the loopholes in the tax plan, and to tax everyone else because nothing in life is ever free. What’s wrong with free education or free health care, everyone else has it, right? Yeah, well just because something is free doesn’t always mean it’s good. Also, giving minimum wage workers 15 dollars an hour would mean everyone else who works any kind of job has to have their wages increase by around the same amount to be fair. Everyone with a minimum wage job will either see a decrease in working hours or will be unemployed due to companies not wanting to pay so many employees that wage. Lastly, not every state needs a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage due to the differences in living conditions within the 50 states. A quick fix for this problem would be either to get a new job or work for a raise. Expecting the government to fix your problem when you’re more than capable of doing so is NOT what America needs.

Donald Trump:

The best movie reference for Trump I can think of is in “The Big Lebowski,” when the Dude says, “you aren’t wrong, you’re just a jerk." (Okay, maybe he didn’t exactly say it like that, but all I'm saying is, you should watch it). With Trump, you either love his no-nonsense attitude and his willingness to take unpopular stances without the fear of sounding politically incorrect, or you hate his polices that call for a temporary ban on Muslim refugees, deporting illegal immigrants and building a wall that’ll increase border control. You can call him a racist, a misogynist, a bigot, or you can call him right. He’s right when he says people coming over the border are rapists. In fact about 80% of women crossing the border are raped before they cross over, by illegals. He’s right when he says some Muslims hates us. ISIS exists for a reason, and ISIS does hate us. Now where he isn’t entirely right is to request a ban on Muslims. Doing this will possibly further increase the resentment that Muslims may have for Americans, and will increase the people in ISIS, although an open door policy would lead us to look like Cologne when women were raped or Paris when people died. Neither extreme will work, so finding a middle ground is critical, unfortunately, Trump doesn’t want to do that.

The bottom line is, if you want dishonesty and for money to influence our president’s decision, vote for Hillary. If you want to live in Europe, whether it’s good or bad, you don’t have to move anywhere, just vote for Bernie. Lastly, if you want social justice warriors to die and for someone who isn’t experienced with politics to handle the most important position in politics, vote for Daddy Trump (Yes, I’m endorsing him because I hate everyone else that much).