What Your Favorite Netflix Show Says About You

There's this website and app out there called Netflix that has truly taken over the lives of many people- most predominantly, college students. We each have that one (or fifteen) shows that we continue to restart no matter how many times we've seen them. We each know that show's script like the back of our hands and tend to recite them more often than not, but for some reason you can't give it up. What do these shows say about us, because after all, they are a part of us?


Your life is a series of quotes about being a "twentysomething." No matter what the situation, these six best friends have been there. If Friends is your favorite show, you're probably in your 20's, living a more college lifestyle. Basically, you're stuck in a similar situation as the Friends crew and constantly have similar interesting situations with your roommates or friends. You worry about a lot of things that might not happen but also treasure what you already have.

"Parks and Recreation"

Predominantly called Parks and Rec, if it's your show, you probably have a bold and wild personality. You're hilarious, may or may not be a feminist, but you definitely do not disagree with many of the feminist jokes and comments made throughout the show. If you are in a relationship, you probably love what Andy and April have going on.

"How I Met Your Mother"

Or HIMYM to us avid watchers. Given it's a classic, you probably like shows like Friends, too. You are relaxed and have a rather normal lifestyle. There is not much craziness in your life, and you desire a typical family lifestyle. You enjoy close bonds and friendships.

"Gossip Girl"

You live for the day when Chuck Bass will whisk you away for a life of luxury and debauchery. You know that every proper lady loves peonies and you're probably a little bit paranoid that one of your closest friends is writing a salacious blog filled with secrets about your life. You're a special person and want to be treated like one of the highest socialites on the Upper East Side. You have more knowledge than you'll ever let on. You keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

"House of Cards"

You don't mind watching dirty politics. While you wouldn't personally push someone in front of a train, you're captivated by the devious high stakes surrounding Frank Underwood. House of Cards isn't a show for everyone and it takes a different kind of person to appreciate it. You are more serious and enjoy things other than glitz and glam. You're a schemer and are interested in politics. People probably don't want to mess with you, because of the strings you can pull.

"Pretty Little Liars"

You love a good mystery and are willing to stick with a show no matter what torment it puts you through. You might be a part of the younger generation or are in your early 20s and have stuck with the show since you were a teenager. You are fearless, strong, but also a little dramatic.

"Law & Order: SVU"

You love true crime and you want to stay informed about it. While haunting, this show can also be educational. You're always willing to help someone out or be ready to fight. You love action, adventure, but can handle your own business. You may be considering a career in law enforcement, or you may just be a classic Law & Order fan. Either way, you are a strong person. You believe in justice and order. You tend to not take no for an answer and believe in delivering results through a fool-proof, step by step way. To you, there is always more to find than what's on the surface.

"Grey's Anatomy"

You eat up drama out of the palm of Netflix and Shonda Rhimes' hand and aren't even sorry about it. You're either a hopeless romantic, going into the medical field, or you can't stop watching something once you've started. You're ambitious and driven in everything you set your mind to, and you're known as a diligent worker in your community. You have a heart the size of an ocean. Balancing work and relationships may be difficult to you, but you refuse to compromise. You like knowing you are the one your friends can always fall back on in times of need. You are strong, compassionate, and grateful for all of the wonderful people in your life.

"Breaking Bad"

You're most likely pursuing a degree in one of the sciences. You are a normal person with normal hobbies and ideas, but you need a little excitement every now and then, even if it may be dangerous. It's what you live for, what keeps you going day in and day out. You are a little on the pessimistic side, but you don't always let it show. You're creative and know how turn any negative situation into a positive one. You're brilliant and excel at almost everything you do. You also go out of your way to help loved ones and sometimes, take risks in order to benefit them.

"New Girl"

You're lovable, adorable, and the quirky one in your group of friends. you're always wearing a smile no matter how many challenges life throws at you. You're a great roommate and an even better friend. You're the perfect combination of clumsy, cute, and hilarious.

"One Tree Hill/Friday Night Lights"

You have a big heart and big dreams. You have strength, ambition, dedication, creativity, and sense of humor. You're a firm believer in true love and fighting for the one you love. Despite your sometimes chaotic family drama, you believe that home is where the heart is. No matter how far you may wander, you will always find your way back home to your friends and family. You truly care about others, the good and the bed, and you champion the success of those around you.

"Fuller House"

You're a homebody and most like a 90's baby. Nothing can take the place of your loving family in your heart. No matter how many times you may argue with them, you wouldn't trade them for anything. You love animals, especially dogs. You're affectionate and not afraid to tell your loved ones you love them unconditionally.

"Stranger Things/American Horror Story"

You're a thrill seeker and a bit of a daredevil. You love the excitement of not knowing what's going to happen, whatever that may be. You love suspenseful moments in life. you are somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, seeking out excitement in everything you do. You are intrigued by sci-fi and fiction in general. You love the possibility of real monsters, ghosts, extraterrestrials, but you also enjoy the entertainment of typical drama and character relations.

"Gilmore Girls"

You relate to Lorelai's love (and need) for coffee and most likely feel like you can't function without a cup or two yourself. You have a confidence about you that everyone can see. You are a strong, independent person. If that doesn't scream you, you might relate to Rory. You enjoy reading for fun and might be labeled nerdy, but you wouldn't change it for anything. You find confidence in your intelligence and love getting good grades.

"Sons of Anarchy"

You enjoy guns, motorcycles, and climactic storylines. You love with your whole heart, much like Jax does and you will do anything for those you love. Whether you watch just for the beauty of Jax Teller or for other reasons, family is an important aspect in your life. To you, family is family no matter how broken the road might get. Family is more than just blood and includes the friends that have become your family.


You're one of the most original people out there. You don't like to follow the crowd, you'd probably prefer no crowd actually. You know what you like and you're happy with whatever you find that is. You might also enjoy finding the obscure and much less travelled paths in life that others rarely choose. You enjoy confidence in your own personal discoveries and often intentionally avoid mainstream everything, especially television.

I'm not saying that you are these people 110%. I am not saying that your life revolves around these shows even if mine does. I am just saying that these are some rather stereotypical fans of these shows.

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