For The Young Writers Of The World

For The Young Writers Of The World

8 components of every young scribe, or at least most.

Most people fantasize about being successful and making heaps of money; writers fantasize about reaching the emotions and nerve strings of every human through the work of their columns, articles, novels, and ideas. Why yes, we dream of being successful; but we dream of influencing the world around us even more. We are inspired by the world around us and the people living in it. While you may be unaware, we are probably taking notes in our head of everything you say and the way you act, simply because we take notes of everything in our lives. We take these notes to further our thoughts and ideas. (walkings listicles).

Writers are basically one giant journal waiting to be published.

1. Fantasize

We will be participating in mediocre normal day-to-day activities and our mind will be on a completely different planet. We will be at the gym, sweating away all the calories we gained from our late night munchies the previous night, and we will be dreaming about what it would be in like in a world where everything is black and white, but our food is in color. (Not really sure where that one came from). 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our mind is somewhere else.

2. Brew

More than likely you can find a cup of liquid next to our writing utensils. During the early hours, we are normally consuming some sort of cheap caffeine. We realize that we spend too much money on caffeine: therefore we stick to drinks such as black coffee, teas or diet sodas. They both do the job, and save our writer budgets. In the later minutes of the day, you can find us with some sort of alcohol or simply more caffeine/hot drinks. I prefer a glass of cheap Moscato in a neon plastic cup; it stirs up the inner wannabe "NYC 1 bedroom apartment looking out the window" writer in me.

3. Attire

Every writer has their own individual style, but most writers have a certain aesthetic. The writer aesthetic consists of neutrals with a spice of diluted colors (or at least mine does). You can find most writers with a section in their closet of their “comfy clothes” or need I say “writing clothes”. Oversized sweatshirts, leggings, fuzzy socks and old comfy t-shirts are some of what consumes our comfy closet. Also, most writers have some sort of large handbag or carrying case to tote around their laptops, journals, pens and agendas.

4. Lazy

We cannot count on one hand how many times people have labeled writers as “lazy”.

So go ahead, label us lazy. While you sip your $8.00 steamed peppermint mocha from Starbucks and sit on your phone dwindling your fingers on Facebook discussing how your cashiers breathe was un-doubtfully not sterile, we will order our $1.00 (free refill and locally brewed) coffee, and spark our brains to write out all of our emotions and touch the lives of those around us.

5. Admiration

We would much rather receive compliments on our columns, articles, books, etc., than any compliment on our physical appearance. Telling us that you love our work is actually some sort of love language. Or more specifically telling us that our words helped you, or that you found relation between your life and ours through our words, is simply the best.

“I read your column and it was marvelous, do you plan on continuing your writing career on a higher scale?’ why yes, when is the wedding?

6. Flawed

We will spend hours on a piece of work, go to sleep, wake up and re-read it, just to realize that we are all actually a bunch of sociopaths filled with opinions. Sometimes we will create a masterpiece in our mind, but to others, it is complete gibberish. In our world, though, it is better to release our gibberish filled opinions than keep them tied up in knots.


We write everywhere. Coffee shops, beds, floors, bathrooms (you would be surprised), libraries, classrooms, etc. Some might think that we have a certain space within our room that we construct our ideas, but that is not actually the case. And some others might believe that we simply only write in coffee shops while over-looking the cast of rain outside the window, this may not always be the case either. Every writer has their own keepsake of special spaces or grounds of writing.

8. Why

Why do we love to write? Why do we get such a rise out of a blank page and a new thought? Why do we love to sit on our butt for hours on end, merging thoughts in our messy brains? We do it because it is our favorite outlet. Some people love to exercise, others love to paint. Some enjoy reading, and some enjoy music. As writers, we love to put our emotions in words on paper. Our emotions, ideas and thoughts may not agree with yours but we sure as hell know how to unwind that tangled mess in our heads.

"A writer is a world trapped in a person" - Victor Hugo

Thank you for giving us ideas, thoughts and inspirations. You are our muse.

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