There are stereotypes that constantly peg women for being sensitive, high-tempered, and even bi-polar, especially when it comes to "that time of the month". If you're a woman and you haven't been accused of being on your period when you get hangry or because of any other reason, I'm impressed at the maturity level of the people you associate yourself with. With all this being said, it's even more difficult when you happen to be a young woman who is overly sensitive all the time.

No matter the situation, it's easy for us to get flustered and frustrated. Maybe we can't understand something in a class, or things just didn't quite go as planned. Most people can just breathe, take a second, and continue on with what they're doing. If you're anything like me, chances are breathing isn't particularly in the cards. Everything gets even more stressful, and it's hard to control your emotions. You start to get extremely frustrated, your hands and face get red and hot, and your eyes might even start to burn with salty tears behind the ducts that you can't control. Hopefully you're around people that understand that you just need a second (or an hour) to freak out and then maybe things will get better. If not, it's usually ended in an embarrassing covering in the face or running to the nearest restroom to splash water on your face.

Even when we aren't in public, it's still easy for women like me who have overactive emotions to feel overwhelmed with feelings, like when we get criticized by a parent, friend, significant other, or authority figures. Criticism from anyone for that matter is really, really hard. We'll always take things personally, even if you start the sentence with "No offense, but..." or "Don't take this personally, but..." If you don't mean harm, I hate to break it to you, but some of us will take it every single way. As a woman it's often being pegged as being dramatic or searching for attention, yet that's mostly the opposite of what's going on. When we're in situations like that where criticism is being received, sometimes we want the absolute least attention from them and everyone else that may be in the room or involved in the discussion.

In today's society especially when women aren't portrayed as just housewives anymore, it's still very important to understand that if we're flustered and our feelings are hurt, we aren't just seeking attention, being dramatic, or on our periods, which are some of the excuses that people have made up for us. Rather, we're just particularly sensitive, and need a more gentile approach to some things.

Take it easy on us!