You Will Have a Friend In Me

On your good days, when everything could not be more perfect, when there's so much to laugh about and celebrate, you will have a friend in me.

On the days that your alarm doesn't go off, you're late to class or meeting, your routine falls behind and you don't have time for the fun we are used to, you will have a friend in me.

During the mornings that are difficult to embrace, the days that intimidate you. The days where you do not believe you can get over that obstacle before you. I will be here reminding you all that you are capable of. You will have a friend in me.

On the days that you're lost in nostalgia, where you need someone to smack some sense into you. I will be there with open ears, trying to find the best way to understand your perspective. I will be there to listen to what has a hold on your heart. There, you will find a friend in me.

When your life is full of moments to honor and celebrate. That job offer, that graduate school acceptance, your birthdays, or even just the fact you found $10 on the sidewalk, I will be there smiling right along with you. I will not compare our journeys, I will not feel overwhelmed if my life is a little less satisfying. I will be there with you, and you will have a friend in me.

When you're reaching out last minute for a favor or in dire need of help, I won't hesitate. I won't find an excuse. I will be grateful you called, that you know you can count on me. And you will have a friend in me.

When we find ourselves on opposite ends of an argument, too stubborn to admit that we are wrong or too determined to avoid compromise, we may need our space. But we will always wake up and realize how silly it is to throw something so wonderful away over a minuscule instance. We will find that communication cures all. Even when we agree to disagree, you will have a friend in me.

On the days that distance separates us and our old shenanigans are disturbed, we may not know what to do with ourselves, but we will find a way. When we are not in walking, or even driving distance. When we lose touch for a little bit, we will pick up where we left off. And on any day of the week, month, year, you will have a friend in me.

When we are old and gray, sitting in our rockers, wondering where the hell time went. We will reminisce on the glory days. We will rattle off all of the things that we've accomplished. We will see that we meet certain people in our lives when we need them most. That some people are meant to stay. And you will always, always, have a friend in me.

Because there is no doubt in my mind that you cross paths with human beings at exact instances because they serve a purpose. They bring you what you need when you need it the most, or maybe, you don't realize it at all. They may see the good in you when you're struggling to see it yourself. They may break you out of your shell. They may tone you down. They may empathize with your journey. Whatever it may be, I can assure you, you will always have a friend in me.

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