Why Super Bowl LIII Is A Game You Can Not Miss

At 6:30 p.m. on this first Sunday in February, the nation will be divided into cheering for one of two teams: the L.A. Rams or the New England Patriots. In reality, it will divide into The Tom Brady fans and the Tom Brady haters. Believe me, I stand firmly on the side of watching Tom Brady and the Patriots lose in the Super Bowl for the second year in a row (even though I am a Redskins fan and have no room for a Super Bowl opinion). Even if you aren't a fan of either team, the Super Bowl offers a lot of things to keep you entertained for the evening. Super Bowl history, food, commercials, and of course the halftime performance.

The Los Angeles Rams

Sean McVay, Ram's head coach, will be the youngest head coach in Super Bowl history. He is 33 years old. McVay and Julian Edelman, Patriots wide receiver, played against each other in college. McVay was a wide receiver at Miami University and Edelman played Quarterback for Kent State University.

The L.A. Rams have had an incredible season. A record of 13-3 including a nail-biting overtime win against Drew Brees and the Saints in the NFC Championship game. The last time the Rams were in the Super Bowl was 17 years ago in 2002, they lost to the New England Patriots 20-17. Tom Brady's first Super Bowl appearance and win.

Key players for the L.A. Rams:

Aaron Donald - The 27-year-old, 6'1" 280 lb. Defensive Tackle. Donald is the highest paid defensive player in the NFL for a reason. Donald recorded 20.5 sacks during the regular season.
Todd Gurley – The versatile Running Back led the league during the regular season in rushing TDs with 17. He is dealing with a knee injury.
Jared Goff – At 24-years-old, Goff is one of the youngest Quarter Backs in the league.
Brandin Cooks – Former Patriots player. In Cooks first year with the Rams, he recorded 80 receptions for 1,204 yards during the regular season with five touchdowns.

The New England Patriots

On Sunday, Tom Brady will be making his 9th appearance in a Super Bowl. If the Patriots win, Brady will be the only player in NFL history with six Super Bowl rings. He is currently tied with JMU alum Charles Hayley, with five rings. Brady would also become the oldest player to ever win a Super Bowl at 41 years of age. There is no question why Tom Brady is referred to as the G.O.A.T (Greatest of all time), but there is a question that still remains, can he pull it off?

The Patriots will enter the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta with a record of 11-5.

Key players for the New England Patriots:

Rob Gronkowski – Gronk is as entertaining off the field as he is on. The 6'6" Tight End has quick hands and is famous for receiving Brady's quick screen passes.
Julian Edelman – The scrappy 5'10" receiver is one of the best performers during the postseason. Edelman tends to be Brady's go-to man on third downs.
Sony Michel – The rookie Running Back has five touchdowns in the postseason so far. Michel and Gurley are both Running Backs out of the University of Georgia.
Bill Belichick – At 66-years-old, Belichick is twice McVay's age, which is the largest age-gap between coaches in Super Bowl History.

Halftime Performance

Once again, the beauty of the Super Bowl is that if you're not interested in football whatsoever, you can still enjoy other parts of this amazing event. The halftime performance is usually my friends' favorite part (especially if Beyoncé is performing). This year's headliner will be Maroon 5, who will be accompanied by Travis Scott and Big Boi. So, if you don't lose your voice during the first half from screaming at the TV like me, then sing "She will be loved" at the top of your lungs with your friends.

Make this event a party and even play drinking games if you would like (please drink responsibly)! You can make it competitive by placing bets on what happens throughout the game and who wins. Enjoy some great food and drink with your closest friends as this dramatic football season of 2018 comes to an exciting end. The Super Bowl is like a holiday that doesn't require anything but a fanbase and kickin' buffalo chicken dip.

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