You Can't Keep Winning, Cancer

Dear cancer,

You have continuously destroyed families and friendships. You have devastated millions of people. You have won more battles than you should. You have lost some battles, however. You crush people's hearts, dreams, and hopes. You put people in way too much pain. You are one of the worst things in the world.

I wish more than anything that we can someday find a cure to get rid of you once and for all. You have arrived twice in my family, uninvited. Luckily, grandma is strong and tackled you before you could take her away from us. However, you decided to destroy a mother-dauther bond. I will never ever forgive you for that. Do you just randomly choose your next victim?

I am so sick of seeing articles in the news about this person being diagnosed with you, or that person passed away because of you. My heart breaks a little bit every time. You are not well-liked by anyone. You have no mercy. When will you raise your white flag and give up?

You have personally put me through the ringer. I have had to mourn the loss of my own mother due to you invading her body. You steal people away from their families and friends. You put people through so much pain, sometimes they give up and let you win yet again.

Biologically speaking, you are just a bunch of cells. You don't have any feelings or thoughts. You multiply rapidly and make people miserable. I hope someday you are diminished. I hope you will be something future generations read about in their textbooks as something that doesn't exist any longer.

You can't win anymore. We will defeat you until you can not take anyone's lives away from them. You will not be able to strip people of who they are. People will not have to mourn their losses of aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, siblings, etc. You will no longer be so ruthless.

Cancer, go away. Once and for all.

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