You Are Important To Me

To The Person Who Deserves To Know How Truly Incredible They Are

You're important to me.


When I was in middle school and high school I always thought that connecting with people around me came so easily because we were always surrounded by the same influences. Friends usually ended up doing everything together because we were so close and when relationships became significant we could easily relate.

After high school, we all go separate ways. Then we all really begin to grow. We begin to understand where things went wrong and change ourselves for a better future. Meeting new people is very exciting for me because it's a clean slate. It is so refreshing to have new relationships with such wonderful people. One person studies to become a music teacher and the other an entrepreneur; I can picture our futures; it's very exciting.

When you spend a lot of time with someone, just as we all did in high school, the bond you create forms an everlasting relationship that you will remember for a lifetime. So, I dedicate this article to someone in my life who has, so far, shown me that there is no reason to stay sad, all of the little things we do each day matter.

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Dear you,

My heart grows for you like wildfire - fast and with a burning intensity. When I met you, I didn't think I could feel happy for a long time, but you showed me if I just had faith, happiness was not far away. Each day you teach me what it feels like to be grateful to have emotions and to be alive in such a wonderful place. That was something that I neglected to care about a year ago. I learn from you that life is short, but to take every moment by the hand and make it last forever because who knows, it may be your last.

When I am with you I forget about time because the only thing I am paying attention to is you- that is probably why I don't really have a curfew anymore, as long as I go home at some point.

When I am with you, music is our symphony. I feel as though our hearts beat in sync to the music and we become so deeply connected; almost like we are one and the same.

A quote from Justin Bieber, "You smile, I smile" because when you smile it makes the room feel so much warmer and brighter, I feel at home. You are home to me. I never thought you would mean as much to me as you do, but maybe what they say can be true sometimes, it was love at first sight.

I give thanks to the amazing people who raised you because all the events of our pasts led us to each other. This may be such an exaggeration, but I really am not sure what I would be doing without you. You gave me the hope to feel happy again, you support me through whatever, and hold me when I cry. Thanks to you, I am becoming the best version of me possible.

I am glad that we can appreciate and give blessings to each other every day. It takes two people with the same supportive effort to have a healthy relationship. When we miss each other, we know that it will be okay. Then when we are together, our relationship is that much stronger.

Thank you for trusting me as I trust you.

Thank you for sharing your emotions with me, I can see your sincerity in your eyes and feel it when we embrace each other. I know it's hard sometimes but emotions are so essential to life. They shape us and help us grow as individuals.

You are such a dedicated, independent, selfless person; not only to me but your friends and family too.

I was young. It happens to almost everyone. You know, the little crush you get on someone? Well, I had that but it's gone now. What I learned was it is okay to be vulnerable sometimes, but don't let anybody get the best of you. I was once too vulnerable, I didn't think that I could be stronger and have confidence in myself. Once I finally understood what I had been facing, I was able to find release in my worries and feel more myself.

My mind would keep coming back to the moments where I would talk to you when we should have been doing homework but we're talking the whole time; also sharing music, of course. Then, I found such enjoyment in being around you. I swear I could listen to you talk forever. After a while, I realized that I was not just infatuated with you because your name happened to be my favorite name or because of the way you whisper in my ear but because you have loved me with every one of my flaws and have always been true to yourself. I think that is about one of the bravest things someone can do. In a world full of people trying to constantly be someone they are not, here I have found one of the most humble, empathetic human beings and they are a part of my life!

Your soul is beautiful.

Your voice is nostalgic.

Your body is a masterpiece.

Your mind is so mysterious, let me tap inside.

Saying I appreciate you will always be an understatement because I feel euphoric when I am with you.

Not a single worry will cross my mind more than you do because you've shown me with every worry of today, tomorrow is a new day. I am eternally content with how I am growing and how you have helped me be a better, happier, more appreciative human being. Even in sickness and pain, you are there for me as I am for you.

You help me, I help you.

I will be loyal, honest, and true - What would I do without you?

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Why You Should Stop Chasing Him

You deserve better.

They say “the thrill of the chase" makes someone more enticing. There's just something about wanting something you can't have that drives you crazy (in a good way). There is never a dull moment. Pursuing him is a challenge. Nothing comes easily. What's the fun in that anyway?

I'm going to tell you this: stop chasing him. Stop forgiving him when he forgets to answer your text messages and phone calls. Stop being the one to always make plans. Stop letting him bail on you. Stop waiting around for him. Stop being lied to. Stop making excuses when he doesn't make time for you. There is a difference between someone who is “hard to get" and a flat out jerk who doesn't give you the time of day. Stop letting him use you.

You deserve to be with someone who makes you fall asleep every night in the middle of texting him because neither of you want the conversation to end. You deserve someone who plans dates for the two of you. You deserve someone who asks you to hang out before midnight. You deserve someone who wants to spend time with you just as much as you do with them. You deserve someone who insists on paying for your ice cream. You deserve someone who won't deceive you. You deserve someone who is straightforward. You deserve attention. You deserve affection. You deserve a partnership that is mutual, not one-sided. You deserve to be chased.

You are better than 3 a.m. “Hey" texts. You are better than a night spent watching a movie just to fool around. You are better than trying to decode his vague messages. You are better than his shadiness. You are better than mind games. You are better than being ignored.

If you have to chase him, he's not worth it. Don't settle for someone who makes you beg for his attention. If he is genuinely interested in getting to know you, he will put in the effort. A relationship where your feelings are reciprocated is far more rewarding than one where you constantly feel like you have to drag him along.

Change your mentality. Become more independent. Be confident, be bold. Find happiness in being alone. Don't waste your time pathetically chasing after someone who doesn't feel the same, but doesn't have the heart or the courage to tell you so. Your self-confidence and positivity will make you radiant, and eventually, you will attract the kind of guy who is mature enough to not mess with your head.

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To The Girls With The Broken Hearts

Don't stop moving...


You can't breathe, you can't think, you've lost all your energy.

All you can think about is... you weren't enough, you weren't worth the wait or worth fighting for.

You feel like it was all you and you had to change even if deep down you know you did your part and did everything you could to be "perfect" for him.

You can even see the wrongdoings of the one who won't be named, but you won't justify his actions, maybe because you just see good in him or you're afraid of him leaving or maybe because he manipulated you into thinking he wasn't in the wrong and his feelings matter more than yours. Maybe he just didn't want you, so he made an excuse.

You let go and leaned on him and got attached and now you're trapped underneath with what it seems like the world crumbling down on top of you with every breath you take.

You probably keep asking yourself "why" or "it doesn't make sense."

You probably feel like or have been told you weren't worth their time, and you convinced yourself that maybe it's true without even realizing it. It'll be hard to break this cycle and only time will heal... you probably hate this saying as much as I do because I don't know how much time I need, and I want time to happen now...

But you have to move on and keep pushing forward. You can't give up and slump deeper into the ditch you made for yourself. You're young and have way more things to worry about than a stupid, unworthy college boy, definitely not a man, who couldn't see your worth.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy. It's going to hurt for a while but you can't just do nothing; you've got to do something. Keep moving even if that means just going outside in the sun just to sit and listen to the birds or people walking, or praying, or taking a long hot devil shower, or working out... you can't stop moving.

Don't let him win.

And one day you'll be able to breathe and open your eyes with a bright smile, and you'll stand up straight again. You'll find someone or something that knows your worth and that makes you feel worthy.

One day is close by... don't give up.

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