I have always been obsessed with personality quizzes since middle school and I would always end up confused because on one end, the personality quiz result would tell me that I am energetic and outgoing while others would tell me that I am shy and reserved. Now that I am older, I have finally realized that when given an amount of time by myself, I "recharge" and portray myself as "bubbly" and "energetic". I also have anxiety (which I will write about another time) which makes it interesting when I inform people about needing alone time in order to feel comfortable around people. They often say things like "But you are always so happy!" (Note: Just because someone is an introvert, does not mean they are not happy...) I am usually content conversing with others, but every once and awhile I can be perceived as "distant" if not given alone time.

I can manage being around people for a certain amount of time and then I become drained. I would not consider myself to be the type of introvert where I need hours of alone time, but I do need at least a half an hour to feel "sane". That is why I am exhausted when I arrive at home from a long day of work. The place where I work is a great but my job consists of interacting with different types of people every time I work. People will go out of their to ask me questions because that is what I am there for, yet it is tiring to put a smile on my face after a surplus of hours of answering the same questions over and over again.

While I do come from a big family on my dad's and mom's side, one would envision someone like me to be even more outgoing but the reality is I can only do so much as an introvert. Petty questions can get old fast; I like to converse about subjects with deeper meanings than casual conversations. I do enjoy a good pun or joke, but at the end of the day I love discussing about things that are more on a personal level rather than "casual".